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The Fun and Friendly Cloth Nappy Company

It’s time to realise the fun there is to be had in going ‘green’- and more specifically, in ditching the disposables! Based in Kibworth, Leicestershire Fill-Your-Pants.com has recently launched its online store and advice centre, helping anyone and everyone to make the conversion to Real Nappies for their babies.

The specialist retailer stocks an amazing display of reusable nappies, bringing shame to the traditional terry squares and pins! From nappies that are designed to fit from Birth to Potty, to Cheetah print designs and super fluffy ‘teddy’ fabric, it is impossible to resist these nappies charms! Gone are the days of greying towelling squares- these nappies are a true fashion statement in themselves!
Founder and Owner, Laura Tanner aims to provide a fun and friendly resource to encourage people to switch to cloth, and provides free expert advice to anyone considering using cloth nappies.

‘’ The misconception that cloth nappies are troublesome and a nuisance is sadly still burning strong- we aim is to spread the word of the world of modern reusable’s! The choice and variety these days is fabulous, and cloth nappies really are fun to collect! The change simply has to happen, the excessive use of disposable nappies cannot continue, our planet frankly will not sustain it”

As well as a store, the Fill-Your-Pants site also has a wealth of information and articles to help people get started- including a breakdown of exactly what you will need to convert to cloth nappies, a cost comparison of Cloth vs. Disposable, and a nappy washing and care guide.
The site exists to dispel the myths surrounding cloth nappies, and that is does in style! Check it out for yourself at www.fill-your-pants.com. The store also stocks some super funky baby leg warmers, organic baby products and the ‘Little Green Radicals’ collection of fun organic cotton clothing.

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