Fitted or Pocket Nappies- That is the Question…

Fitted or Pocket Nappies?

I often get asked by mums wishing to make the switch to cloth about which is the best nappy to use- and they are often torn between the Fitted or the Pocket nappies. The answer is a simple one, both!

Each function supremely well in their specific areas-

bamboozle cloth nappy


Fitted or shaped nappies, particularly those made from bamboo have fantastic absorbency, thus making them great fro night-time use, or if your baby will be wearing it for a longer period. I always recommend parents have at least a couple of bamboo’s in their stash.

The down side of this superior absorbency is that they take much longer to dry than other types of nappy- without using a tumble drier you are looking at about 2-3 days drying time. Not always practical.

blueberry nappies

The solution to this problem is the pocket, or stuffable nappy. These nappies are literally stuffed with absorbent inserts, so when it comes to drying, these inserts are seperate from the nappy and will dry very quickly- particularly the micro-fibre inserts. Making the pocket nappy a great choice for regular use. The pocket is also a favourite with child-minders and nurseries, as if they are pre-stuffed, they are as simple to put on as a ‘sposie- and much cuter! For a fairly light-wetter, a pocket nappy will work for night-time use, however a heavy wetter is going to need a boosted shaped nappy.

So really, neither nappy type is ‘better’ than the other- they both excel in different areas. Which is why a nappy stash with a combination of various types is the better option, and more fun too!

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