Controlling and Preventing Nappy Rash Naturally

Natural Ways to Heal Nappy Rash

What causes Nappy Rash?

Most babies will suffer the dreaded nappy rash at some point, but it should never be a regular occurence, and if it is then the root causes need addressing. ‘Nappy Rash‘ is caused by prolonged skin contact with irritants such as moisture, friction or by chemical substances found in nappy materials. Contrary to popular belief, cloth nappies are not a leading cause of nappy rash, in fact quite the opposite. Instances of nappy rash increased dramatically alongside the arrival of the disposable nappy, with all of its adhesives, plastics and chemicals- and in turn, along came the nappy rash creams- which now go hand in hand. How handy for the manufacturers!

Natural Nappy Rash Cures

But anyway, should your child suffer from a bout of the rash, there are many simple and natural remedies which should see the back of it quickly:

  • *A tablespoon of Bicarbonate of Soda in the bath water will help to sooth sore bottoms
  • *Creams which contain Calendula works miracles on nappy rash- Green Peoples Soothe and Calm Baby Balm contains organic Calendula and should see the back of any soreness when applied over night. Its the miracle cream in our house!
  • *Breastmilk. Breastmilk has natural antibacterial properties and is a sterile solution making it the perfect natural cure for a host of skin problems, also including eczema. Wash the affected area with milk to ensure it is clean, then apply a thin layer of breastmilk and allow it to dry.
  • *A couple of drops of Chamomile Oil and Lavender Oil in a bowl of warm water helps to heal nappy rash when applied with cotton wool
  • * CJ’s BUTTer– This is an all natural cream which does a fantastic job on all skin ailments, including nappy rash and eczema

Preventing Nappy Rash

But we all know that prevention is better than the cure, and by following a few simple rules, your child should be free from soreness most of the time.

  • *Change nappies frequently
  • *Opt for re-usable wipes instead of disposable wipes. Commercial wipes are often full of chemicals, moisturisers and fragrances which act as irritants- when you consider that wipes make excellent paint strippers, its no wonder they can cause problems to a babies delicate skin
  • *Allow plenty of ‘naked time’. Fresh air is the best nappy rash preventative, and babies love it too!
  • *Breastfeed. Infant diets affect stool acidity, and breastfed babies are less susceptible to nappy rash

Should the problem persist, despite the measures listed, consult your GP as the problem might be fungal.

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