Todays Top Tip :7

Breastfeeding and Deodorants

Most commercial deodorants are rife with chemicals and artificial fragrances, including parabens, which are potentially harmful. Think carefully about what you apply to your skin, especially when breastfeeding as your baby will be breathing the air very close to your armpits.

Opt for a ‘natural’ and organic deodorant instead, such as that from Green People, or a Crystal deodorant. However, having tried the spectrum of natural deodorants personally, for me there is a clear winner, however ‘quirky’ it might sound!…. Sprinking a little Bicarbonate of Soda onto the armpits really does work a treat! Applied every morning with a powder brush, it will keep you smelling fresh all day, without the chemicals! Once I tried this cheap and cheerful (and fairly obvious when you think about it!) option, I never looked back. Give it a try!


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