The Credit Crunch

Worried about the credit crunch, and the looming recession everyone is talking about? Now is the time to be a more frugal parent- parenting an infant does not need to be expensive- despite what advertisers would have you believe! Heres a few tips to help you save those pennies:

Breastfeed: Its free, readily available and better for baby too!

Use Cloth Nappies: Disposables will cost you an average of £922.74 over the course of 2.5 years- and a switch to reusables could save you as much as £676 (including laundry expenses) -plus even more if you re-use the nappies on future children. Dont throw your money away, re-use it instead!

Share Toys: Get together with friends and do regular ‘Toy Swapping’. Make up a box of toys to temporarily swap amongst friends, which will save you having to keep buying new ones to entertain the little one!

Share Clothes: Infants out-grow their clothes so quickly, it is hardly worth keep buying new ones! Share and swap clothes with friends and family, or even buy and sell online.

Buy only when you need: As tempting as it is to go splashing out during pregnancy on all the ‘must haves’- hold off, and wait and see if you really need it when the baby has arrived. I remember spending a fortune on a gorgeous crib- my daughter never slept in it once, as when she arrived I realised there was no way I could leave her to sleep alone, so we co-slept. Same with a pram- I decided to ‘babywear’ instead, so got myself a nice soft Mei-Tai carrier, and the pram was later sold. Just remember, mothers have coped for centuries without all this ‘stuff’ – all babies really need is love, comfort and security.

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