BabyLegs Special Offer

Babylegs on Special Offer

We are currently running our BEST EVER deal on Babylegs Leg Warmers- Buy 2 pairs, and get a 3rd pair absolutely FREE!

Choose from over 20 Fabulously Gorgeous designs- but be warned, you will be stopped wherever you go for people to comment on their cuteness! 😀

Heres what makes Babylegs so Fantastic:

1. Baby Legs are One size fits most, meaning they are one of the only items your little one wont grow out of each season!

2. If you carry your baby in a carrier, you will know how trousers will ride up to expose bare little ankles- then you know its time for Baby Legs!

3. BabyLegs make changing nappies a doddle – No trousers, or even worse, tights to wrestle with

4. Provide light weight sun-protection

5. Tights can put pressure on cloth nappies, causing them to wick moisture- but Babylegs elimate this issue!

6. Why cover up that super cute, fluffy nappy you just bought? Put the BabyLegs on and show it off!

7. BabyLegs make nappy-free, rash-prevention time cozy.

8. BabyLegs protect the knees of little crawlers and unsteady toddlers.

9. They are ideal for potty training, as trousers or tights can be difficult for a child to pull down in a rush!

10. And finally, they are so darn cute! Seriously.

RRP: £7.99 – BUY 3 FOR 2 (Ended 06.12.08)

(Buy 3 Pairs for £20 as standard!!- Buy here Today)

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