What books to read????

Two things have happended to me recently:

1. Someone highlighted that they thought I read to many books. Although I am a clear activist I do read a lot of books in general. When I was expecting my first baby, I read a lot of parenting books,  as being a mother seemed to me a huge mine field and I wanted to start off with some basic knowledge; at this point I didn’t even know babies cried because they were hungry, wrong temperature, had a pain or needed their nappy changed…..

2. An expectant mother asked what books I thought she should read.

Both happened within a short space of time, and got me thinking about the whole subject of parenting.  My answer to the first point was very clear, I like having reference points to dip in and answer any questions I have on any subject, and this is my perogative.

My answer to the second was a straight forward no.

After thinking about it, although I have read a number of books, I use the information as a starting point and use my own judgement as to what works for us in our family.  Being a parent does not and cannot come with a manual as we and our children are all different.  You have to do what is best for you and yours, and not get too hung up about what you or your baby should do.

Read books that are recommended or you like the look of, and then form your own opinions.  Go with the flow and learn from each other is my philosophy, both parent and child……… Having said that, it doesn’t stop me stressing about countless elements of motherhood, although second time round has been easier so far!

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