My new nappies have arrived!!!

My new nappies have arrived and by are they gorgeous!!!  It was a bit of a challenge getting them, with both myself and my elderly neighbours missing the post man (not our usual I might add who would have found somewhere to leave them!).  Read on….

Imagine my impatience having to wait an entire weekend to collect them and then plan my washing so I could use them as soon as possible (nappy bin twice and towel load…..).  The serious postman at the collection office could not stop laughing when he spotted the name of the web site on the package (Fill Your Pants), and when I told him they were nappies and showed him the prints I think his day was made!fillyourpantscom1

My Blueberry Minky is my absolute favourite and I have scoffed at those who think this is too pricey for one nappy, when they spend that in two weeks on disposables!  I ensured my daughter wore it for the first time where it would be seen when I changed her, to a friends house today; she absolutely loved it and couldn’t resist stroking the lovely fluffness.  I definately have to have the dalmation version……  No matter how much I talk of the benefits of cloth I am the only mother in my circle of friends who uses cloth nappies.  This may change when they see more of what’s out there and Boo Boo looking so gorgeous in her posh pants.

The Itti Bitti D’Lish nappies are gorgeous too and they will be getting their first outings over the next two days (public again I must add) as the inserts did not dry yesterday with the clouds coming over. 

What will hit down next to build my stash?????

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