The Best Nappy Wraps

Nappy Wraps are a tricky beast….finding that right one is crucial to cloth nappying success if you are using a 2-part system, and it may mean trying a few different brands until you get the right one for you. There are some wraps which we certainly favour over others, and heres a little breakdown of which ones they are, and indeed which ones we just dont ‘get!’…..

The Best Nappy Wraps


I often hear Motherease Wraps named as the best wraps on the market- but this advice often strikes me as somewhat outdated. Back in the day, sure Motherease were pretty much ‘king’ but with all the progress in nappy design, I personally that there are now much better wraps available.

Having used Motherease Rikki and Airflow ourselves, these are actually some of our least favourite wraps. The Airflow in particular we have never got along with, they seem very ‘puffy’ and leave red marks around the legs (these issues have been reported by quite a few others too). The Rikki doesnt wash as well as some of the other wraps (and has no fold over laundry tabs), and I prefer the smaller aplix tabs of some of the other styles of wraps. Some examples of wraps that we rate very highly are:

Bummis Super Brites


The Bummis Super Brites are probably our favourite PUL wraps on the market at the moment. They are made from a high quality PUL with neat and strong aplix tabs, with crossover capability. They have a gussetted leg, which aids containment of certain ‘messes’ and the size range is good. These are the wraps we are finding ourselves recommending over most others.

Oh and they come is both white and the most gorgeous Paisley prints!


Thirsties Nappy Wraps


 Thirsties wraps share many similarities with the Bummis Super-Brites. The PUL has more of a ‘brushed’ feel, but in terms of fastenings and shape  there really isnt a whole world of difference, they are both excellent!

I find the sizes of these wraps to be far more realistic and broad than some other brands of wrap, with the X-smalls being perfect for newborns and yound infants, and the other 3 sizes fitting exactly as the need to.

The only downside with the Thirsties is that they are now more difficult to get a hold of, and we are not sure when we will be next able to replenish our stocks 🙁


Blueberry Nappy Wraps

 There can be no argument as to the gorgeousness of these beautiful minky Blueberry Wraps– the range of prints is fantastic and they look great! They have very strong aplix fastenings, with crossover capability for maximum adjustment, and the size range is good.

The Blueberry wraps do not have gussetts on the leg, which some would say is a benefit as they are less prone to leaving marks, and we have personally never had any leak issues with these wraps.

They wash very well, and ours look as good now as they did when we first added them to our stash 🙂

 So there is our current Top 3 – Im sure some would argue with our opinion, but thats what it is all about at the end of the day, and that is what makes Cloth Nappying so interesting! So, if you have something to add, please do share!


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