Nature Babies Essential Wrap Review

A nice little parcel arrived just before christmas which meant it was time for me to get testing some new nappies…
The first item is a basic PUL Wrap- the Essential Wrap from Nature Babies. Plain white with popper fastenings that fits all sizes. Read on for our review…

Ease of use: 4/5 a bit fiddly the first time but once sized, easy peasy! essential_wrap1-1

Comfort: 4/5

Aesthetics: 2/5

Leak Proofing: 5/5 .

Value for money: 4/5

Fit: 4/5

This was my first time testing out a wrap of any description given that we have only had Bum Genius and Minky AIO’s. I was a little daunted with trying to work out both the way the nappy would work and then the wrap, not least as we have also only used applix so far and this was a popper one.
However, always up for trying something new, I bundled Miss Pants into her new pants and off we set to a new toddler group.

She had a great run around, and by the time we got home, she had been in it for over 31/2 hours. Being a heavy wetter, and pretty active, we tend not to be able to go more than about 2 1/2 particularly if it covers a snack time or a dirty nappy. Both of these had also occured and yet we had no wicking at all. There is a lovely flexible section around the legs and we found that even though I had done it as tight as possible, she had no rubbing and it had kept everything where it needed to be- inside the pants!


The actual process of putting the wrap on i found a little fiddly on the first occasion due to inexperience, but after a few uses I have found it much easier to use. I still prefer the aplix personally as I find the nappy-sizing poppers tend to pop if you pull too much when fastening the nappy up, and also there was a bit of a difference between being too lose or too tight, although there is a good selection of poppers to aid with this. I did find the more I have fiddled with it though, the easier the adjustment has been and I have found a good balance of size.


Being plain white, it obviously doesn’t win many awards in the glamour category but it looks neat and to be honest, it keeps MP dry so that really is the important thing, and when looking to increase my stocks it is definately something I want to add a few more of, particularly regarding value for money. Given that at this time of year, she is always in trousers or tights, no one is seeing it anyway and we have plenty of posh nappies for that malarky!


I haven’t tried it at night, but am going to give it a go since it has contained her so well during the day. I will update when i have tried it a few times.
It has washed well so far, not been stained despite the “teething” nappies we have been having and has also dried very quickly.
Over all I would recommend this as a must have wrap, definately living up to the name of  ‘Essential wrap’.

Nature Babies Essential Wrap RRP £6.50

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