New Bamboozle S-T-R-E-T-C-H FAQ’s

Tots Bots have developed a brand new version of the ever popular Bamboozle fitted nappy, which is a revolution in fitted nappies. So heres a little heads up, and some FAQ’s on the nappy! Read on…

bamboozle_stretch_pair_200pxThe new Stretchies are made from circular knitted bamboo with a hidden micro-fibre core delivering a soft, absorbent nappy that fits beautifully even on tiny newborns without compromising on performance. Yet because of the stretchiness, it fits the upper-weight ranges really well too and as you know this is often a challenge with B2P nappies. The knitted bamboo fabric stays soft longer than traditional bamboo terry and is great for babies with sensitive skin and for customers who live in hard water areas.


1) Will the original Bamboozle still be available?
Yes! For the time being anyway. For as long as the original is still popular, it will still be manufactured. Once feedback and sales show that the new Stretchy is taking over, then the original will be delisted. 

2) What is the difference between the Stretchy and the Flexi-Tot?
 In a nutshell, the Stretchy is our all natural bamboo two piece, the Flexi is our quick dry two piece.

3) How quickly will it dry?
 Around 12 – 18 hours in a warm airing cupboard.

4)  Is there a booster included?
Yes there is a pop in booster included for both size 1 and size 2.

5) Why would I buy the size 1 if size 2 is a birth to potty nappy?
The size 1 Stretchy is ideal for low birthweight babies as it will popper down to a really tiny 5lbs and not be up to baby’s armpits! It is more of a pre size nappy.

6)  At what weight will I open out the popper settings?
 There are no hard and fast rules here as it really depends on the shape and size of each baby. The most important thing to remember is the minimum and the maximum weight range…
Size 1 = 5lbs – 18lbs
Size 2 = 9lbs – 35lbs

7)  When will the nappies by available?
The Bamboozle Stretch nappies are available to purchase now, as single stretch nappies , Stretch Mini-Kits and Stretch Multi-Packs  .

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