Nature Babies Stuffable V2- Review

I really hate to be negative about anything to do with real nappies, but unfortunately, try as I might, I have found nothing good to say about the Nature Babies stuffable B2P nappy. Read on…

Absorbency: 1/5

Style: 1/5

Comfort: (when dry!) 4/5

Drying Time: 2.5/5

Value: (because they were such a disappointment) 1/5

When I first saw the Nature Babies stuffable AIO (I was given the white one), I was pretty underwhelmed by it’s appearance, having been used to the lush colours and fabrics of my other nappies in my fluffy stash, it was a bit strange to come up against something so bland! However, never one to judge a book/nappy by it’s cover, I was more than happy to give this one a chance.

Now read carefully, as I am about to write the only positive thing about this nappy I can think of…. Upon first inspection, I thought that the lining of the Nature Babies stuffable looked and felt as if it would be very comfortable against little bots. The micro-fleece fabric gusset with elasticated leak guards on each leg initially appeared to be a great idea, however these features have failed to prevent this nappy from leaking every time I tried it on my 11 month old little girl.

I thought perhaps that this was just one of those annoying nappies that required extra pre-washing, but I cannot even count the number of times I washed it and found no difference in it’s absorbency or leakage flaws. I then thought that possibly it was because my wee one has quite slim legs, and that maybe this was a nappy better suited to the chubbier of cherubs, so I asked a friend to try it out on her little boy. I had high hopes that our new guinea pig would have better success, with his lets say, fuller figure, I thought that surely the leak guards would hold snug against his legs. Unfortunately, the same issues were experienced and again the nappy leaked and left him wet each time he tried it.

With my daughter, I felt that the wet was simply pouring straight out of the leg guards, as on one occasion, I put the nappy on, picked her up, grabbed my bag and opened the door to head out when I felt wet through her leggings. When I looked, she was soaked down both legs, and I had to race to get her completely changed so we wouldn’t be late for our swimming class – VERY frustrating!

I found the drying time of the nappy to be ok, the shell dried very quickly and when put outside on the line, I found the inserts to be dry after a day in the sun. However my friend commented that when she washed the nappy with her others, it was the only one still damp after her usual drying time indoors. She also commented that she felt the aplix fixers were not nearly as grippy as her other nappies, although this was not something that I actually noticed (I was probably too busy dealing with and changing all the wet clothes!).

So overall, I am sad to say the Nature Babies Stuffable nappy was a huge disaster for us. I really wish I could have found a way in which this nappy worked for us but I tried everything I could think of and gave it every opportunity, but it just didn’t cut the mustard. Like I said earlier, I hate to be negative, and usually love nothing more than to rave on enthusiastically about real nappies so this has been a really difficult review to write.

I am sorry Nature Babies, I really did want to like your nappy!

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