Bitti Boo – Review

Bitti Boos are the fitted version of the Bitti D’lish and are taking the nappy world by storm ahead of the upcoming tutto. Read on to find out why I love these nappies even more than the Bitti D’lish and why they’re just about the most buy cialis absorbent day nappy we own…

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Style: 5/5

Fit: 5/5

Absorbency: 6/5

Ease of use: 4/5

Value for money: 5/5

bitti-booI was keen to try the Bitti Boo as we have recently moved over to fitted nappies due to Molly becoming quite the heavy wetter. I’ve always loved the slim fit of itti bitti nappies and imagined that these would be no different and would not make for a bulky two part system. I was right, although slightly higher rise than the bitti d’lish, bitti boo are pretty much exactly the same size.

One of the major differences is that bitti boos comprise an Organic Bamboo Velour (OBV) outer, OBV inner and OBV topped hourglass booster (though the bamboo trifold remains the same as do colour co-ordinating snaps). This makes for an extra absorbent nappy as OBV is a very absorbent fabric in itself. Think of it as a SIO/AIO combo nappy in terms of thirst!

The first attempt was before a prewash and I was delighted to find that it remained dry to the touch some 3 hours later. I tend not to put wraps over fitteds whilst indoors to allow Molly’s little bum to breathe cialis for sale online (despite the hours of nappy free time she so loves – the poor nappies!). Several prewashes later and I was keen to really push the nappy so I, bravely, tried it overnight! We discovered that, when lined with fleece and wrapped in a wool cover the bitti boo held up to night time use as well as any other night nappy. Although quite wet by morning, it held its own given it is not intended for night time use.

The slim fit of the bitti range has always been a huge selling point for me, so I was happy to learn that the bitti boo was no different and, even with a wrap, this nappy is slimmer than many of the sized nappies we own. However, anyone with a wriggly baby may not be interested in a two part system with lots of fiddly snapping – though I have found a well placed toy and some determination helps and is more than worth it for what is, essentially, our most reliable nappy.

I have since gone on to buy every colour in the range and will, no doubt, be buying more. My only real gripe is that there are only 5 colours (Cherry, Tangerine, Yellow, Lime and Turquoise) but they are all beautiful, vibrant colours and the quality you have come to expect of itti bitti products.

In all, I would recommend these nappies to anyone. perhaps not for bedtime if you have a heavy wetter – but if you’re after a reliable and economical nappy with the cute factor – bitti boos are all that, and more!

RRP: Approx £15
Bitti Boo Nappies

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