BumGenius- The Artist Series!

Well, the new BumGenius Artist Series Prints have been announced! Read all about them….

The ‘Tiny Socialite’ collection has been designed by Chelsea Perry and features 5 prints inspired by her travels. The prints include ‘Concrete Jungle’, ‘Eiffel Tower’ (my personal fave!), ‘Free Spirit’, ‘Jet Setter’, and ‘Retail Therapy’. Read on…

The prints are very ‘tribal’ in style, and make for a refreshing change from the usual ‘froo froo’, cutesy prints we often see on nappies!

Given, they are clearly not to everyones taste and the range is somewhat ‘samey’- so if the tribal look is not for you, then you may just have to wait for the next series of prints as you can’t avoid it in this set!

The BumGenius Artist Series is set to arrive here in the UK early Novemeber, and the BumGenius V4 prints are available for pre-order now!

You can watch the official launch video here.

So, are you a fan of the ‘Tiny Socialite’ or not?


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