Close Parent Pop In Dream Dri V3- Review

This year, Close Parent launching their version 3 of the Dream Dri nappy, which saw some significant alterations from the V2, including the accomodation of a larger size range, a new super soft minkee inner (which is not only more absorbent, but even faster drying!), and a new improved outer cover which protects from leaks and washes better. Here our Nappy Guru Anna shares her experiences of the new V3 Dream Dri….

Reliability:      4/5 pop-in
Absorbancy:   4/5
Slimness/fit:  4/5
Cuteness:       2/5
Drying Speed: 5/5
Value for money: 4/5
Ease of use:   4/5

The Dream Dri V3 is a two-parter nappy, consisting of a waterproof outer shell, and two snap-in microfibre inserts, one of which can be snapped in at the front or back of the nappy, depending on whether you have a boy or a girl nappy-wearer. It is a birth-to-potty nappy, meaning it has a set of snaps on the outside, allowing you to adjust the size of the nappy as your child grows. It fastens with velcro – very Dad friendly 🙂

The Dream Dri has become something of a work-horse nappy in our household. It’s practical and functional – the strong velcro make it a great and secure fit, and even my nappy nervous husband can put these on with ease. The microfibre inserts feel extremely dry after even 4 or 5 hours wear, which is great for my daughter’s sensitive skin. They dry EXTREMELY quickly – in fact, they are the quickest drying nappies I’ve come across. They come out the machine pretty much dry. All in all, very reliable and functional.

annareviewpicThe nappy itself is not the best looking I’ve ever seen. In fact, amongst my array of prints, spots and stripes, the Dream Dris tend to stand out in my nappy basket as the forlorn-looking ones, desperate for a re-vamp 🙂 Some nappies I am desperate to show off to people, and will flash my daughter’s cloth-bummed nappy at anyone who’ll sit still long enough. This nappy does not inspire me to do so, and I tend to chuck it on under trousers, safe in the knowledge she will stay dry, but knowing I won’t show this nappy off. Practical? Yes. Pretty? Not so much.

In terms of fit, the Dream Dri is at the top of its game. The velcro fastening ensures a really snug fit across the waist, and it is trim enough to wear under the slimmest of leggings and trousers. The snaps at the front of the nappy allow for 4 different size settings (one more than most birth-to-potty nappies), ensuring an excellent fit from newborn to toddler.

The Pop-In Dream Dri V3 is reliable and practical, and extremely easy to use. For this alone, I feel the price tag of £16.75 is fair, however I think I’d be more inclined to go out and buy lots of them if they were exciting to look at. Yes, usability will always trump fancy prints, however it seems the V3 could easily combine both. Even bolder colours would be better, although at least they are all very gender-neutral.

All in all, the Pop In Dream Dri is a great buy. It fits well, dries incredibly quickly, is extremely reliable and is great for containment of wee and poop. It could be prettier, but we can live with that. As daytime nappies go, you can’t get a much safer bet.

Dream Dri Nappies RRP £16.75

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