My Quote of the Day…

Joanna Moorhead wrote an article in the Guardian today after the new ‘research’ was published suggesting that mothers who exclusively breastfeed their infants for six months are increasing their childs risk of allergies and iron deficiencies…*rolls eyes* Upon reading her article, one statement in particular had me punching the air in agreement…

What a tragedy that is: if breast milk was invented today, it would be the most valuable patent of all time. Nothing on earth has the potential to transform a generation’s health as much as breast milk, yet we undermine it simply because no one stands to make a profit and the budgets to defend it are minuscule. Breastfeeding works: the only thing we have to fix is our belief in it.

Hear hear, Joanna. Perfectly and very eloquently said. It is a tragedy that mothers are being subjected to this kind of propaganda, and I could rant and rave about this all night- but frankly Joanna says it all in her article ‘Its time to stop knocking breastfeeding’

What I would like to say is that if you are a mother who is confused by this report, and are tempted to run to the aisles of Tesco to stock up on baby rice (as many are sadly doing….yes really!) then please bear this little fact about the paper in question in mind- the paper acknowledges that three of the four authors “have performed consultancy work and/or received research funding from companies manufacturing infant formulas and baby foods within the past three years”.

Need I say more- really?


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