The Lowdown on AI2 Nappies

“Because the nappy comes apart, you can re-use the outer ‘shell’ like a cover, replacing wet booster sets with dry ones making SIO’s perfect for traveling or space saving in the nappy bag and a very economical option as well”- Itti Bitti D’Lish, Snap In One

  The Itti Bitti D’Lish is an All In Two style nappy, meaning it has an outer shell/wrap and  insert the soaker set that snaps inside. The general idea of this type of nappy is that when the soaker becomes wet, you unpop the wet inserts and replace them with a fresh new set.

Itti Bitti Tutto

Itti Bitti Tutto

We have used the SIO D’Lish’s for well over six months now and can safely say that I have never actually replaced the inserts this particular nappy, but just thrown the whole lot in the nappy bin for washing! But it seems that I am not the only one!
“I’ve never reused the shell on any AI2 nappies like Ittis. They’re always wet!!!!”
“I was always worried that there would be stray pee somewhere and just felt better about changing the whole nappy”
“I never reused my Ittis when I had them either as they were too wet!”

So it would seem that the problem with the Itti Bitti D’Lish’s is the cotton inner. When the soaker sets get wet, they then wet the fabric on the inside of the wrap, which you wouldn’t really want to reuse. I imagine that it may even begin to smell if you left it on for too long! Not something I particularly want to try out to be honest! Which means that you would have to be incredibly on the ball when it comes to changing the soaker sets to prevent the urine soaking through to the outer shell. Which doesn’t give you very long as personally, we don’t find them to be the most absorbent of nappies in the first place.
Now where does that leave poop’s? Surely if the soaker isn’t enough to contain the urine without going through to the cover, it would be no match for a exclusively milk fed poo! Now there is a wrap that I would definitely want to change! Then when the baby is on solids, you would have to be very vigilant with your use of either a paper or a fleece liner to prevent the poop escaping onto the outer wrap. 
But how about another AI2 system like Flips for instance. They seem to have a higher turnaround rate for inserts. This is a system I use myself, but not often. If I do break out my Flips, it is usually because I want to take my nice handbag out and not my big changing bag, as Flips take up virtually no space at all. In this instance, I would usually just take a spare insert to replace the soiled one, then just give the wrap a wipe over and reuse it straight away.
I asked fellow members of an online community again and got this response;

“I have 4 different wraps so I have time to let one dry whilst using another if needs be”
“For Flips, I would use each wrap three times , unless it’s been poo’ed in and then it goes in the wash.”
So again, a fairly unified response. The Flip system seems to be more suited to the swapping of inserts. And funnily enough, the inside of the Flip wrap is laminated which would repel water and also is able to be wiped clean, for a quick freshen up. 
I think I will stick to putting the whole of my Itti Bitti’s in the wash and keep my Flip wraps for when I need to just change the inserts!
With thanks to the Natural Parenting section at www.babyandbump.com

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