Tots Bots Teeny Fit Review!

Busy Mum and Nappy Guru Sarah reviews the delightful Tots Bots Teeny Fit! This is what she had to say…

teenyfit-flowerI already have a couple of Easyfits in my toddler’s stash, and have found them a good reliable nappy; I also absolutely love the prints.   So I was very excited when my teeny tiny package of cute fluff arrived and couldn’t wait to try it on baby when s/he arrived!

Sophia was 8lbs10oz at birth. The teenyfit was the first nappy she wore, and it fit perfectly.  Being a nappy specifically for babies up to around 12lbs, there was no extra bulkiness and the aplix fastenings made it easy to adjust the nappy for a good fit.  Being an all in one nappy (so no stuffing of pockets and no need for a wrap), it was very simple to use, so would be an ideal nappy for any parent new to cloth. Also in the exhausting sleep deprived early days with a newborn, it was nice to have a nappy that just goes on, comes off and is washed, dried and goes back on again, with no stuffing or snapping  inserts and boosters.
Not only did the teenyfits look super cute, they were also reliable, as there wasn’t a single leak, and they lasted a decent amount of time between changes  – I even used them overnight in the early days.  They washed well and the drying time wasn’t too bad – overnight on an indoor airer and  then I finished them off in the drier for around 30 minutes. (Sophia was a December baby so I cannot comment on drying times on an outdoors washing line)

Sophia wore the teenyfits for just a few weeks, until she was around 10lbs.  At this point they really were too small, the elastic around the legs were digging into her skin and the fit just wasn’t good.  So this was the only negative thing about the teenyfit – it was outgrown far sooner than the 12lbs as stated by TotsBots.  Sophia wasn’t small at birth so we only got 4 weeks or so use, which was disappointing as I loved these nappies!  Having said that, it is difficult to get a nappy to fit a newborn perfectly, and these did just that, so although I wouldn’t get a lot of teenyfits for a new baby, it is certainly worth having at least a couple in your newborn stash – I certainly will if I was to have another baby.

The Teenyfits are available from Fill Your Pants for £10.75

With thanks to Sarah Page, Nappy Guru for Luton and the surrounding area.

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