Real Time Review

Today I have Louie in the office with me, so what better time to review a new nappy for Really Pants! We have been given a Little Lambs Pocket nappy to test run. Little Lambs were one of the first nappies we dabbled in and we were never very keen, but we will see how the pocket nappy stands up!

100_3918Little Lambs come in three sizes, Size 1 (7-20lbs) Size 2 (20-38lbs) and Size 3 (35lbs +). Having previous experience of both size 1 and size 2 cotton fitted Little Lamb nappies, I knew that the size 1 was very generously sized, so we chose one to test run.

The first thing that struck me about the Little Lambs Pocket nappy is just how luxuriously soft the inner lining is, it is a very soft microfleece, which is simply lovely. The second thing that I noticed was the insert that is to be stuffed into the pocket. It is made from bamboo, but is nothing like any other bamboo inserts I have seen (and I have seen a few!) It is almost like wool, very soft and appealing. It is a tri fold pad which is quite unbelievably slim. So far so good, I am very impressed.100_3932

10:00 – Time for a nappy change, so out comes the new Little Lambs Pocket nappy. I have the size 1 for the 22lbs Louie. The size recommendation is 7-20lbs and Louie is currently around 22lbs.
It fits him lovely, and there is plenty of growing space in there too, so I would certainly advise that this nappy will be more suitable for the larger baby. It fits him really nicely and looks very comfortable.

10:30 – Time for a kip!

12:30 – Wakey time and Louie is still comfortable and dry. He is off to play for a bit before we get our lunch. One thing I do notice is the very generous gusset in the legs. I am a really big fan of gusseted wraps, as they just contain wonderfully, so I can imagine that this would be a really good nappy for containment. I am pretty impressed with the fit of the nappy as it does seem to quite slim fitting for a pocket nappy, and definately slimmer fitting than the fitted counterparts I have tried previously.

100_393613:45 – Best get Louie a fresh nappy now. The Little Lambs Pocket nappy has lasted for nearly 4 hours perfectly, he has no red marks anywhere, so I am confident it was very comfortable for him. I whipped the insert out for inspection of how saturated it was, and it was only about half saturated.

Obviously being in the office, I can’t comment on washing or drying, but so far, I am very impressed with all aspects of this nappy. I am not sure how well this would fit a very small baby, as it does seem to be very large fitting. It certainly has quashed any doubts I had prior to testing.


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