Meet Your Guru! Sarah Rands!

This weeks featured Guru is Sarah from Greater Manchester! Sarah covers Manchester, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Tameside, Stockport, Trafford and Salford and is a wealth of cloth nappy knowledge!


Name: Sarah Rands

Occupation: Stay at home mum! I went straight from being a student to being a mum; which has worked out great for us, as we never relied on an income from me it meant I can stay at home and be a mum.   On the side I promote cloth  and make alternative party bags for all events.

Children: Just the one, Noah, now 2.5 years; born on Christmas Day 2008

Area: Greater Manchester (9 council areas including Manchester, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Tameside, Stockport, Trafford and Salford)

About me: My alter ego is definitely ‘the nappy lady’; or at least that seems to be how I am constantly introduced to people these days!  In the days before nappies I was a bit if a waterbaby, taking part in all kinds of watersports over the years, through the mundane activities like swimming, through canoeing, kayaking and scuba diving, to the strangest, Octopush – underwater hockey.  In the past couple of years these have taken a back seat (can’t think why!) but hopefully I will begin to get back into them now.  The canoeing is definitely going to be a must, Noah loves it! And insists on paddling… I have 3 large ‘collections’ – cuddly Tiggers, Tigger mu

gs and bags; and I don’t think any of them will ever be complete.   I love spending time with my boys – my hubby and my son; and really enjoy the looks of enthusiasm and interest on Noah’s face when we introduce him to something new.

So what made you want to use cloth nappies?

When I thought about it when I was pregnant, it was purely for financial reasons.  However, I didn’t actually start using cloth until Noah was about 5 months, as I could not afford to buy something that only ‘might’ work.  When weeventually took the plunge, it was because Noah was constantly suffering from a poorly bottom – the poor boy has inherited his mothers’ sensitive skin!  Now I couldn’t imagine life any other way.

What is your favourite nappy and why?

Our favourite nappies have to be the Blueberries.  No matter what age or shape Noah has been they have always been a fantastic fit; and of course, they look gorgeous!

What is your washing routine?We now wash every 3-4 days, depending on when the bucket is full.  We wash in an evening, so we can hang them out to dry overnight.  If we are having good weather, I wash during the day so I can see them on the line; it is strangely satisfying seeing a washing line of clean nappies!

If you could have your dream nappy made, what would it be like?

Hmmm. We already have a couple of these; they are called Wee Notions!  My ‘dream’ nappy would have the absorbency and sustainability of bamboo, but the drying time of microfibre.  Not sure if it would be birth-to-potty or sized; but it would have the ability to fit the super-skinny, and higher in the rise for those who are super-tall.  And it would definitely have a water-based theme.

What made you decide to become a Guru?

I made a fair number of mistakes in the beginning, even with some friendly advice from other mums; as there is very little in my area in the way of help and advice.  If I can help just one mum have an easier introduction to cloth, then I am happy.

What is your favourite part of being a Guru?

Seeing the ‘argh help!’ looks on peoples faces when I stop mid-way through a demo; usually the point where all the nappies are out and strewn round the room; and ask “so you are happy now and understand it all?

” Those looks sum up exactly how I felt in the beginning.  No, my favourite part of being a Guru is being able to help people narrow down the wide world of cloth into something more manageable; and seeing them get it right.

What was your most successful event?

One of the nappuccinos I ran during Real Nappy Week in Tameside; I had loads of interested parents turn up, and currently have a waiting list for my trial kit!

What is available ‘cloth nappy wise’ in your area?

There are no shops locally that sell any cloth with knowledge (obviously there is Mothercare and Tesco).  One of the local councils offer one month free trial of a laundry service;  but the majority of the councils have withdrawn their incentives; supposedly with the aim of consolidating so they are all offering the same thing.  There are a couple of other people offering nappy advice relatively locally; but neither of them have the same range and variety of nappies that I do.

Where can we come and meet you!?

I run a regular monthly nappuccino in the Trafford Centre; within Starbucks (by Boots); on the last Tuesday of every month, starting at 10am.  I am also currently trying to organise a second monthly event in Stockport.  I get a lot of interest via my website, www.ManchesterRealNappies.co.uk with people requesting home demonstrations.  I can be contacted by phone on 07527 863 107 and by email at ManchesterRealNappies@hotmail.co.uk

With thanks to Sarah!

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a nappy advisor in your local area, click here


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