Cloth Nappies on Holiday!

In May, we went on holiday to Cornwall and still carried on using our cloth nappies full time. We are going away again in a few weeks so here is the rundown on what we will be taking with us!

Our washing line!

Our washing line!

We stayed in a chalet at a holiday park in Cornwall for our holiday, and loved being by the sea so much that we booked to go again later on in the year! We were lucky enough to have an access to an on site laundrette, which meant that we could wash clothes, and more importantly nappies! However, being in a chalet, we didn’t have access to anywhere to hang the nappies to dry, so we did have to make do. Luckily we forsaw this problem and only took nappies that were quick to dry!

The main bulk of the nappies that we took with us were two-parter nappies. We made use of our gorgeous Gen-Y and Weehugger wraps with a variety of inserts, including the Flip Stay Dry, Weehugger inserts and Prefolds. In all we took 6 waterproof wraps and 10 inserts for inside these.

In addition to the All in Two systems, I did take a couple of pocket nappies for convenience, taking only the quickest drying, that being my Smartipants. And also the Tots Bots Easyfit for good measure as they don’t take too long to dry. I also took my trusty Tots Bots Stretchies for night time, and a couple of the Flip Disposable Inserts in case of an emergency.

However, I didn’t think that it would take SO long for the nappies to dry! After the nappies were washed, it took a good 24 hours for them to be dry enough to use again, as for the Stretchies, they took a good 48 hours! Which meant that for one night, we did have to use two of the Disposable inserts to keep us going. Luckily, I had enough nappies with us to not have to use the disposable inserts at any other time.

When we go back on holiday, we will take much of the same nappies with us, however  I think I will take more if I can, to accomodate for the slow drying times in the little sun trap that we will have!

We will be going camping in September also, so this might prove a bit of a problem, but I like a challenge! We will only be going for two nights, so hopefully we will get away with just taking my various wraps and inserts, and stretchies for night time. I will also put to test the Smartipants Pail Liner, which I will be taking away with us too, which will hopefully take up less space in our tent and in the car than taking a bucket! Luckily, going away for just two nights will mean that we won’t have to worry too much about washing the nappies, they can wait until we get back to our home comforts!

Do any of you have any top tips or anecdotes about taking cloth nappies on holiday? We would love to hear them!

Louie in his Flip nappy on the beach!

Louie in his Flip nappy on the beach!

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