CJ’s BUTTer – Miracle in a pot!

CJ’s BUTTer has been making big waves in its native USA, and now in the UK it has already made quite the impression! CJ’s was formed when CJ herself decided that her family needed an all natural, inexpensive alternative to creams found on the high-street, and so the BUTTer was born. Since then, a host of other wonderous products have been added to the range including Lotion, Spritz and the delightfully named Carcass Cleaner! Here is a little introduction to the individual products and what they work wonders on….


cj_butterCJ’s BUTTer (vegan formula) : This is a miracle in a pot, that was designed as an all natural nappy rash cream, that is even safe to use with cloth nappies! (no liner necessary) It has also been used to relieve eczema, rashes, dry/chapped skin, and rug burns, and to provide protection against windburn! I have also been using this as a lip balm- I have battled for years with a slihgt addiction to commercial lip moisturising solutions, but no more….its the all natural CJ’s BUTTer for me now, and I am now fully weaned off articificial high-street balms! Available in natural unscented (recommended for sensitive skin) or a delicious range of all natural scents, including my personal fave (and possibly my now most preferred smell in the whole world ever!) Mango, sugar and mint! YUM!cj_spritz

CJ’s BUTTer Spritz: This is a spray on, liquid version of the BUTTer. This is incredibly useful for a mess free application, for when bums are just too sore to touch, and for sending to childcare providers instead of rub on creams. It also serves as an excellent leaev in conditioner for curly hair! The spritz is available in a massive variety of ‘good enough to eat’ fragrances, including Blueberry Crumble, My Pixie Pie, New Mown Hay and *ahem* Monkey Farts…..yes really!

cj_carcassCJ’s Carcass Cleaner: A multi-purpose body wash, face wash and washable wipes solution in one! This comes in a foamer bottle, and can be used in the bath or shower to leave you and your little ones feeling and smelling wonderful all day long, or simply squirt a bit of the carcass cleaner into your wipes water for a cleaning and moisturising nappy change! Leave your wipes tub open and your house will smell great too! This is also fantastic for squiring into the bath tub for a scrummy, moisturising soak- the Cucumber Melon fragrance is an especially refreshing one!


CJ’s Body Lotion: Quite possibly my favourite of the lot. This body lotion is is truly the best I have ever used. It is rich and creamy, and  absorbs like a dream. Its range of fragrances stay with you all day long leaving you soft, and smelling simply wonderful. It soothes even the dryest skin and it is completely safe to use on your little ones too! Again, the range of fragrances are amazing, my current fix is the Warm Vanilla Cake….hmmm hmmmm…..

They sound amazing, and they genuinely are. You just simply have to try these! We even have mini sampler posts of the BUTTer and Lotion….these are also very handy for storing in the change bag! Enjoy!


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