Milovia Pocket Nappy Review!


We are sucker for a lovely print here at FYP and we were over the moon to be stocking the delightful range of Milovia products. Proving that it isn’t all about looks, here is Nappy Guru Rebecca’s review of the Milovia One Size Pocket Nappy.

Absorbency  5/5sharay nappy front 2

This nappy comes with two microfibre inserts. The microfibre is not like other microfibre inserts  though and are almost sponge like in texture. We used both inserts as my little girl is quite a heavy wetter and I find we got around 3 half – 4 hours from this nappy which I’m more than happy with for a daytime nappy . The stay dry layer on this nappy works really well too and her skin was lovely and dry when I came to change her.

Ease of use 5/5

We found this nappy quick and easy to use. Inserts went in the pocket easily and sat nice and flat with out faffing. The rise adjusted easily with three settings at the front and sat neatly. It fastens at the front with two poppers on each wing and was quick and easy to put on my squirmy worm. When it comes to change time you need to remove the inserts before washing. The inserts came out easily and the opening is at the front of the nappy which made the job much less yucky. We also found the nappy sluiced well and solids came off easily.  The nappy can be washed at 60 which I really like as I  find I need to wash at this to keep my nappies nice and fresh. The nappy dry really quickly and it dried quicker than all my other microfibre inserts.

Fit 4/5

I loved the nice wide elastic at the back of the nappy that gave a lovely tight fit with out leaving marks. I did find the legs slightly gappy and couldn’t quite get the fit I would of liked, though I was surprised to find this didn’t lead to leaks. The rise settings seem more generously spaced  on this nappy as my little one seemed to be between the rise levels.

Quality 5/5

Lovely quality nappy. The inserts don’t feel like your regular microfibre at all  and the pul is slightly stretchy. The nappy washes beautifully and stays like new. The colours are lovely and vibrant. And I like the way the inserts have folds so they mould to baby. This nappy really does feel and look high quality.

Value for money        3 / 5

The only thing I don’t like about this nappy is the price. At £19.99 a nappy it really is at the top end pricing wise. It really is a lovely nappy though and the prints are gorgeous so would make a lovely gift nappy or a treat for yourself.

Overall 4/5

Perfect if your looking for a reliable pretty to brighten up your stash. Not only are the prints stunning but the nappy is really functional. It’s absorbent, Tried&tested4washes well and dries quickly. The only down side for me is the price. I would love to have 5-6 in my stash because I found we really got on with this nappy but I think maybe we will just have to stick with a couple.

Available from Fill Your Pants  in a range of delicious prints, for £19.99.

Well I think we have found the jewel in our crown, a beautiful nappy that is super duper reliable, you can’t get much better than that! Which is your favourite print?


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