Babywearing Training Day!

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Baby carriers have been a firm fixture in our natural baby arsenal since the Close Carrier arrived on our shelves many years ago. Since then, babywearing has evolved and become much more popular. Gradually we have increased our collection of slings and accessories to include a wider range of products to suit many different types of parents and needs.


Hosted at our fabulous showroom right here at Fill Your Pants HQ, members of staff and some of the Nappy Gurus got to go back to school for the day! The School of Babywearing came to visit to give us tailored training, highlighting pros and cons of wearing your baby and the all important safety aspects, rounded up with a detailed practical session where we got to play with all of the different sling types available!

Babywearing is the act of carrying your baby in a sling or carrier and can have a number of benefits including extra bonding, an increase in hormones which can aid breastfeeding, and babywearing can also help to reduce post natal depression. Studies have shown that babies who are worn in a carrier cry less, and learn more- carried babies spend more time in a state of quiet alertness. Researchers have also reported that carried babies show enhanced visual and auditory alertness. By being at the same level as the caregiver, an infant becomes more aware of, and learns from, subtle facial expressions, body language, voice reflections and tones, breathing patterns and emotions- thus learning much while in the arms of his or hers caregiver.

Not to mention that by wearing your baby in a carrier you are hands free to do whatever needs to be done!

ticksSling safety is paramount and there are a lot of things to bear in mind when choosing the sling that will be right for you. A lot like nappies, there are many different carriers available, each with its unique pros and cons however the basic safety regulations can be applied to all carriers and ages. Always use the TICKS rule for Safe Babywearing.

Anatomy and Physiology should also be considered when carrying a baby, due to spinal and hip development. Legs should be held in the ‘M’ position to promote correct hip growth and spines should be correctly supported and allowed to curve in their natural position.

We all tested Pouch Slings, Ring Slings, Mei Tais, Soft Structured (Buckle) Carriers, Stretchy Wraps and Hybrids and Woven wraps. The stretchy wraps were by far the favourite around the room, praised for their comfort and snugness.


Laura, Nappy Guru Sarah, Lou, Nicola, Heidi and Nappy Guru Susan demonstrating the different styles of baby carriers.

You can visit us in our showroom in Oadby, Leicestershire where you can receive tailored advice from one of our trained Peer Supporters. With a wide range of slings available for demonstration we aim to provide you with personal and concise advice to get help you on your baby wearing journey. Alternatively shop online at Fill Your Nursery

Happy Babywearing!

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