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Here at Really Pants we have been harbouring a fabulous product since May this year. Some of you may have already ordered and tried them out but for those who haven’t, we would like to introduce you to the GroVia My Choice Training Pants!

GroVia was created by a mum of five, wanting to provide ‘innovative, ethically manufactured and sustainable products for babies and mothers worldwide.’
She sure succeeded!
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So your little one is starting to grow up and is at the lovely stage of mad dashes to the potty, slight frustration and endless ‘wet’ checks, (we’ve all been there, right?!). Fear not though! To take the stress out of this important time GroVia have created the My Choice Trainer. Stocked in a range of wonderfully named colours, Cloud (grey), Vanilla (cream), Blackberry (purple) and Surf (blue), these little beauties are the saviour of the potty training world!
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So lets get to the technical parts… GroVia My Choice Training Pants are made of a secret inner layer of hemp and cotton blend with a pocket for adding extra absorbency and their exclusive GroCool lining. The GroCool lining grabs the moisture quickly but still allows your little one to feel wet, enabling them to understand the difference between wet and dry. Not only this but it is said to hold the ammonia smell, unlike microfibre. (Phew!) 
The pocket is a wonderful addition for night time, or for those who may take a while to get it right. Just add a Grovia Booster and there you have night long absorbency, perfect for any little accidents.
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The pants are really like, well pants! Featuring a stretchy pull down mode for your ‘grown up little boys and girls’, interchangeable Side-Flex panels and an adjustable rise for custom fits and styles. Brilliant for any minor mishaps, as the Side-Flex Panels can easily be popped open rather than having to slide them down to clean up and change! The side panels also come in a range of stylish colours to add some personality to each one.
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Each My Choice Training Pants include:
1 Trainer Body
2 Side-Flex Panels Regular (1T-3T)

Overview on these fab pants:
  • Inner: 100% Polyester
  • Absorbent Layer: 55%Hemp 45%Cotton
  • Interchangeable Side-Flex panels for a custom fit in a variety of stylish colours for mixing and matching
  • Waterproof ultra durable TPU outer
  • GroCool inner layer lets your child feel when they are wet
  • Hidden pocket for adding absorbency for nights and naps
  • Refined design that looks and feels more like real underware

So there you have it, the answer to all your potty training prayers in the form of beautifully and uniquely designed pants!
To find out any further information, please contact your local Nappy Guru, or shop online at Fill Your Pants or The Nappy Gurus.
From us at Really Pants, we wish you a happy and successful journey potty training, and the very best of luck!


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