Bambooty – The Verdict

bambooty-reviewWhen Bambooty hit the shelves of Fill Your Pants and The Nappy Gurus a few weeks ago, we knew we had to get some of our newest Gurus involved and they gave us some impressive reviews!

Bambooty Basics, reviewed by Nappy Guru Hazel and her tester, 15 month old Drewie.

My fibasicsrst impressions of the Bambooty Basics were that the nappy is a much higher quality than I expected. It’s minky outer shell is butter soft and looks really nice on. I found it easy to get a good fit however with the nappy on the shortest rise, they may be better on older babies than newborns.

The first time Drewie wore his Basics nappy, he decided to poop quite soon after (always the way)! So off it went in the wash, it washed up nicely and dried really quickly. Second time on we had a really busy day, and little dude didn’t poop all day. The nappy ended up being on from after breakfast – around 9.30am until tea time. Before I put him into his high chair there was no sign of leakage, however when I took him out at about 5.30pm one leg had leaked but I think the leakage was from compression being in the high chair !

I am really impressed with this nappy – would recommend it to other mums as a move on from newborn sized nappies, and would hope it would fit until potty training and I love the fact it is a more “budget” nappy is really great as quality wise it’s up there with the more expensive brands.

Bambooty Basics; One-Size, Available in 12 delightful colours, RRP £10.


Easy Night, reviewed by Nappy Guru Julie and her tester 6 month old Esmée

easy-nightI was pleasantly surprised by Bambooty Easy Nights, they are a slim fitting night nappy that I had little faith in on initial appearance. They looked too slim and lacking in boosters, but I found them to be just as good if not better than our normal two part night nappies.

My daughter is an average wetter and she stayed dry overnight with no leaks. We didn’t boost the nappy as it comes with multiple folds of bamboo, so whilst very slim fitting for a night nappy, it was hugely absorbent. I was very very impressed! We tend to use two part nappies overnight, mostly for my own reassurance with lots of boosting but after using this so successfully I am keen to buy more of these as I think my daughter was much more comfortable with the slimmer fit by comparison to our usual night nappies.

They are easy to use, however in think as they are a night nappies and sleeping can involve lots of wriggling and turning, getting a secure fit wasn’t as easy as it would of been with double poppers or Velcro, and took me a couple of attempts before I felt confident. I think the slimmer fit is certainly one of its main advantages, however I think it would benefit from a double row of poppers to give a comfier & snugger fit around the waist.

I think this nappy is very well priced as a night nappy, performs just as well as it’s competition and at a competitive price. We really like this nappy, would be happy to recommend and buy more.

Bambooty Easy Nights; Sized (M, L, XL), Available in a range of delectable prints, From £11.99.


Easy Dry Newborn, reviewed by Nappy Guru Lucy and her tester, newborn Harry!

I have used the Bambooty easy-dryEasy Dry Newborn several times on my 8lb 5 oz newborn and haven’t had any leaks from either wee or explosive breast milk poos, even when nappy was left on for four hours. This has been helped by the soft internal wriggle guards. The absorbent bamboo/ micro-fibre pads are so flexible enabling you to fold into different positions for different genders if needed. You can also decide whether to have the stay dry suedecloth next to babies skin or the natural bamboo layer.

Despite the three absorbent pads, the nappy still appears slim fitting and the low rise is great to allow the newborn’s umbilical cord to dry. Unlike other newborn nappies which use hook and loop fastening, the poppers doesn’t rub the healing tummy button after the cord has fallen off. The two rows of poppers make it flexible for different size newborns, however I am not sure how much longer my little ‘feeding monster’ (now 9lb 6oz) will be able to fit into them, as we are already on the biggest setting and do get ‘sock mark’ imprints around the legs.

The nappy washed really well every time, with no stains or rubbing of fabric. The only down side was that it did take a day to dry (on an airer inside house) due to the bamboo fabric and small size. The prints are gorgeous and I like the fact that they come with their own wet bag- perfect for quick outings in the early days. I feel the Bambooty Easydry Newborn offers good value for money and are incredibly easy to use on a wriggly newborn by both mums and dads.

Bambooty Easy Dry Newborn; up to 13lbs, Available in a range of delectable prints, RRP £10.99


Easy One Size, reviewed by Nappy Guru Claire and her tester, 17 month oldeasy-one-size

I found the Bambooty Easy One Size quite fiddly as there are 4 snaps to fasten each side but this means it is a more adjustable nappy to get a good fit around the waist and legs. It is very slim fitting with an extra booster that can be snapped in if required for heavier wetters. This makes it very absorbent,  lasting 4 hrs without extra snap in booster. Unfortunately, drying time is relatively slow,  taking 3 days on inside airer to dry however this would not be such a problem if you have a tumble drier.

Overall this is a very slim fitting and absorbent all in one nappy and with the added booster, it may last even heavy wetters. My only negative was the long drying times.

Bambooty Easy One Size; One Size, Available in a range of delectable prints, RRP £15.99


So there you have it, four astounding reviews for the entire Bambooty range! Get yours now through your local Guru and Fill Your Pants!


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