Personalised Nappy Advice


Do you need some real nappy help? Don’t quite know where to start? Why not fill out our concise form and one of our fantastic team will get back to you with some tailored advice. Interested? Read on!

The Nappy Gurus are a dedicated team of mum’s spread far and wide throughout the UK here to help YOU get started with real nappies! Every Nappy Guru is a real nappy using parent, with first hand experience of a wide range of different reusable nappy types and brands.personalised

Whether you are new to cloth nappies or if you are a seasoned cloth user having some problems, our team of impartial nappy advisors are here to help YOU! Just follow the link to our questionnaire and your nearest Nappy Guru will get back to you as soon as possible.


Think you have what it takes to become a Nappy Guru? Click here for more info!

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