The Many Sizes Of One Size Nappies! – Our Comparison!

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Here at Really Pants we have decided to make choosing cloth nappies even easier for you!
We have compiled our 9 best sellers (and favourites!) to create a comparison of the small, medium and large settings on our one size nappies, but why pick one sized nappies?…

One Size Nappies are those designed to fit most babies right from birth (or around 7-10lbs) through to potty training (35lbs+). The majority will adjust with snaps on the front rise (rise = the front of the nappy), giving the nappy different size settings depending on the age and size of your baby, demonstrated below!
These make fab cost effective fluffy stashes, as you wont have to worry about purchasing multiple sizes as your baby grows.
Economical – Using a supply of reusable nappies that will last from birth to potty training will cost a lot less then any other nappy method. A stash of cloth nappies that can be used for the same 3 1/2 year period is incredibly cost effective, creating remarkable savings. Use those nappies for more than one baby and create amazing even bigger savings!
Flexible – Sometimes babies can grow into larger rise settings but then once crawling or walking, they could transfer back down a rise snap. Being able to tailor the nappy to the exact size needed without having to buy a different size is a great pro!
Convenient An ideal choice for using cloth nappies on two or more babies of different ages at a time. Fab for packing changing bags lighter, or if one child’s fluffy stash is low, borrowing one from the other!


 Smallest Setting typically for newborn or infant –
On this setting the nappy tends to fit over the belly button even on the smallest rise settings. They can sometimes look bulky due to their excess material between babies legs, however for babies who tend to not be heavy wetters you can use just one insert, or just a new born insert to stop excess bulking.
 Medium Setting typically for crawlers –
If you’re at this wriggly stage you will know that it’s a slight challenge to change nappies!
At this point most babies tend to be on the middle or second to largest rise settings, with them generally just sitting under the belly button. Before crawling, babies often sport a lovely cuddly chubby look, with cutey round tummys, so the nappy tends to look less bulky at this point. Prior to babies learning to crawl, some parents find that babies thighs that were previously too small for one size nappies, are now so big that they barely fit! This can also be a time of worry that your baby may be about to outgrow their One Size nappies. However there is no need to panic! Your little crawlers will soon start to lose their chunky legs and waist, and their thigh size is most likely the biggest at this age than it will be for the rest of their time in fluff.
 Largest Setting typically for walkers –
At this stage you could pair 10 babies born all in the same month and they would all wear their one size nappies slightly differently! By now your little one may be up to the biggest rise setting. Some toddlers grow lean and tall, whilst others still hold on to their lovely baby fat, making the nappies size range at this point most valuable. As your toddler becomes taller, you will notice the nappy starting to fit more like underwear, sitting lower on the waist. Unless adding extra inserts, the OS will now look a lot trimmer. They will continue to wear them like this until potty training, however the rise can be unsnapped later on if needs be!os-numbers resize



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