Introducing Ecopipo – A Nappy Guru Review!

blog-head‘This nappy is definitely one of my favourites and one I often reach for due to it’s ease of use once set up and reliability as well as it looking super cute on!’ Nappy Guru Rebecca

Joining our ever growing fluffy range, we are saying ‘hola’ to EcoPipo, all the way from Mexico!
This family run company have been going strong for three and a half years, and it’s easy to see why! Their strong environmental ethics and fabulous products make them a cut above the rest.

Initially started by Ixchel after not wanting her first child to contribute to the increase of the worlds level of pollution and concerns about the cost of disposable nappies, the first Ecopipo nappy was created on her Grandmas dining table.
After extensive research, she was then able to begin producing high quality cloth nappies. From this, she shared them with local mums and with ever growing interest the company soon came to life!
Today they employ 30 previously unemployed textile workers, using the latest technology in the production line and the strictest quality control measures to guarantee that their products reaches us at their best for all babies comfort and our peace of mind.
In a range of new born nappies and birth to potty, there is a beautiful range of colours and prints in minky and PUL, just check out our Nappy Guru reviews below to get all the Ecopipo goss and know how!


The Ecopipo One-Size pocket nappy offers a functional design with features that make it more than just your standard cloth nappy. Find the perfect size for your baby and insert one or both of the bamboo and microfibre blend inserts into the secure pocket inside the nappy. The pocket opens at each end for your convenience but if you would rather have the natural fibres against your little one’s bottom, just lay the inserts inside the deep leg gussets. Once you’ve put the inserts in it goes on just like a disposable so is good to be set up in advance making it an easy option for grandparents or childcare providers.

 It comes with a very long insert with a small microfibre piece and the rest of the length bamboo AND a ‘usual’ length bamboo insert. I stupidly put it on as an all in two and just laid the inserts in it and popped a fleece liner on the top! Hadn’t noticed it was a pocket – Duh!! It was really easy to stuff the pocket as it’s not too narrow for my big hands. After a small poo leak when using as a AI2 but still fab night time absorbancy I can offer a warning to other users – remember it’s a pocket nappy!! Nappy Guru Emma and tester, 21 month old Violet

Each nappy is provided with two inserts, one consists of 3 layers of bamboo, and the other is a foldable insert set, comprised of microfibre and bamboo. This can be folded to provide 6 layers of absorbency and Nappy Guru Siani assures us that ‘the long insert looks like you could fold it in a few different ways to increase absorbency for different children‘. The combination of fast wicking microfibre and the layer upon layer of bamboo make this nappy a force to be reckoned with! Nappy Guru Emma tells us “DD is close to potty training so during the day she doesn’t do a pee for ages and then does a full size pee in one and some nappies get soaked with it but even with that the Ecopipo coped well and again wasn’t completely saturated.” And Nappy Guru Gabby found that the nappy lasted a full four hours with no leaks and no wetness on the skin.


ecopipo review 3 ecopipo review 2 eco2 baby

This robust nappy is beautifully made and exudes quality throughout. The Ecopipo range is available in both PUL and Minky outers and with the choice of velcro or popper fastenings. They are generously cut and offer four rows of rise adjustment snaps. Our Gurus had mixed reviews when it came to the fit. Nappy Guru Emma found that the waist was snug but easy to make adjustments. Our testers did find that the nappy was a little on the bulky side however Nappy Guru Rebecca remarks ‘It is a little bulkier than other pockets and all in ones but I personally would rather have a nappy that is a little bulkier if it means it’s going to be more absorbent’.

For a nappy with such amazing reviews and excellent quality, these still only start from £12.95 for plain PUL nappies, £13.95 for utterly gorgeous printed PUL nappies and £14.95 for the luxurious Minky option, they certainly won’t break the bank and will definitely add a splash of delightful colour to your stash! The Velcro fastenings are tough and take some effort to undo, far more toddler proof than some other branded nappies and feels tough enough to stand the test of time, and the Ecopipo nappies even benefit from an extended two year guarantee on velcro fastenings, winner!

I was very keen to try one of these nappies on my daughter, especially as they come in both snaps and hook and loop, an option not many brands have. We don’t use hook and loop in our house aseco c both girls sussed taking it off around 4 months old, and guess what, our trial nappy was hook and loop! Queue instant dread of battle to keep nappy in place long enough to dress her; oh, she can’t do it! I took opportunity to test this further and after the next wash sat her down with it to have a good go. The hook and loop is so strong that it took my 14mth old daughter 20minutes to peel up one edge, and then she got bored. She can open a brand new Easyfit or Blueberry hook and loop in 2 seconds flat. It will be interesting to see if they stay this strong after softened by further use, I certainly find I need a lot of effort if I don’t catch the tabs in quite the right way. Nappy Guru Sarah and tester, 14 month old Caitlin


Well it is clear that the Ecopipo were a resounding success with five of our Nappy Gurus, we are so pleased that they loved the latest addition to the range just as much as we do! A big thanks to those that reviewed for us!
Get yours from your local Nappy Guru, at thenappygurus.com or from Fill Your Pants!





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