Whats New?! 2015’s Fluffy Future…

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So the New Year is upon us, its 2015!! According to Back To The Future, “Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads”, we should be right into the space ages about now.

Maybe that’s not quite correct, and we’ve not yet invented self cleaning nappies (!), but I can give you some predictions on what I do know is 2015’s fluffy future!

As ever a new year brings us much anticipated launches of new products and patterns, and I have all the current information on many exciting things to come right here!…

2015 finished

Milovia ~ Released this January, two brand new prints!
The first of the two is the LIMITED EDITION (ahhhh!!!) ‘Bam Boom‘. Designed to look reminiscent of a comic strip, featuring lots of cartoony ‘Booms’!
The second is ‘Noisy Animals‘, replacing the current ‘Happy Animals’ this super cute print is hard for anyone to resist. Full of your favourite animals with descriptive writing of the noises they make underneath, Miaow!
Retailing at £19.99 Both are available for pre-order NOW!

Logan & Lenora ~ Arriving at FYP & The Nappy Gurus on 20th January, elegant wet bags, gift sets and accessories!
Combining toxin-free and organic materials with comtemporary designs, these beauties are going to be the newest in this years ‘must haves’; and we are privileged to announce their arrival into our stores next week! You currently won’t find them anywhere else in the UK…
In a range of stunning prints and designs, there is something for everyone, from clutch wet bags to burp cloths! Mums everywhere will have Logan & Lenora envy!
Starting from £7.95
Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates!

TotsBots ~ Releasing mid-February.
Here at HQ we have been sworn to secrecy, but what we can tell you is that this familiar item will not disappoint!…

Bambino Mio ~Releasing mid February…. New prints!
Other than our sneaky photo above, Bambino Mio are keeping tight lipped on their latest print designs. We *may* have been privvy to a sneak peek and you are well advised to watch this space!…

Baba+Boo ~ Spring release. … New Prints and Training Pants.
We are not allowed to completely give this away, but what we can tell you is that you’ll go ‘bananas’ for these fab new prints…

Little Lamb ~ No release date yet!
Filbert knows something, but you know he just won’t tell us! Just what is in that Top Secret briefcase?…

GroVia ~ End of April. The O.N.E Nappy!
The unique O.N.E nappy is set to revolutionise the fluffy world and FYP & The Nappy Gurus will be the exclusive UK retailer of these for the launch in April!
Boasting features such as: no need to choose between snap or hook and loop, lasting from birth to potty through multiple children, use straight away, a modular snap in soaker system, built in extra absorbency, easy closure replacement, easy to maintain and reasonable prices.
This one will create stiff competition in the fluffy world…. one, get it?! O.N.E!

Frugi ~ Autumn/Winter 2015.
We are particularly excited about some brand new products that Frugi will be offering in their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, and we have some super stunning items coming our way…..don’t fall asleep waiting for these, they will be more exciting than gifts at Christmas! Cryptic eh?!…

For all the latest in the land of fluff, check us out at Fill Your Pants and Fill Your Nursery or contact your local Nappy Guru!

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  1. @thepndmonster January 19, 2015 at 10:04 am #

    Exciting 🙂 especially the bananas clue…would love a chance to review whatever is likely to make my little monkey ‘go bananas’ 🙂