(Shhhhhhhh!) 5 Ways To Conceal Your Fluffy Addiction…


So we’ve all been there right? Maybe once upon a time it was for shoes and clothes, but now we have the most important thing money can’t buy, the addiction we have is for cloth nappies. It’s Ok to be in denial, hell it’s just Ok in general, and why I hear you ask? Because we have the knowledge that every mother should have, and that my friends is how to conceal your fluffy addictions.

Read on to find out….

So lets set the scene… Your partner has just returned home, walks in and instantly has a suspicious look on their face. Don’t panic, just create a subject away from anything nappy related, and avoid, avoid!!! The weather, have they had a nice day?, anything but ‘LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIFUL NAPPIES!‘.
Don’t directly look at them and they won’t ask.
Maybe once they have greeted the little one they just wont notice the lovely new item on their bum.
Oh wait, they’re looking at you, and here it comes, the five words you’ve been trying to dodge since the minute they walked through the door… “Where have they come from?”.

An “Oh those little things” will never be sufficient, so here’s 5 quick and easy to remember ways of putting them off that new scent…

blamethepostieNumber one: The ‘Blame the postie’
“Ohhhhh! I ordered these ages ago, they must have got lost in the post and I forgot to tell you!”
thought-woman Number two: The ‘Pass the blame to them’
“Darling, I reallyyy didn’t want to upset you, it’s just, you might have accidentally ruined some of the nappies when you last washed them…. it’s fine!….. but I did have to replace them.”

Number three: The ‘Deny all knowledge’
“New Nappy? What Nappy? ….Oh this one? No, we’ve had this one for absolutely ages, so long in fact that you must have forgot!”
blog gold bars

Number four: The ‘Justification’
“Think of this as an investment. This is a limited edition print. Don’t you realise what this means?! In a few months time this will be worth a small fortune. You can thank me later!”

Number five: The ‘Sheer luck’
“I didn’t buy this, honest…. I won it! There was a give away on the Fill Your Pants Facebook page and I won!!! I just can’t believe my luck! Yayyyyyyyy” (Added happy dance is optional.)

There you have it! Five simple explanations and solutions!! However, if all else fails then opt for total denial and promise to send them all back in the morning, find a good hiding place and then stash them away. The good old ‘what they dont know can’t hurt them’ because it never really hurt anybody, right?!

Happy fluffy shopping 😉

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