Fluffy Flashbacks GroVia

Fluffy flashbacks Grovia

GroVia is one of the leading companies in the reusable nappy industry. After spending a childhood of being in love with babies and animals, founder Kim Ormsby decided to put into action a company that can contribute to saving our planet.
Since then GroVia has gone from strength to strength!
Inspiration from being a cloth bum mum herself has helped her along her journey to create the beautiful and well thought out designs of GroVia we all know and love today!

They really do take a part in being responsible for our planet too! It is alleged that so far parents using GroVia nappies have removed over 160,000,000 disposable nappies from our world’s waste stream.  A BIG well done to you!

Aside from their environmental sustainability in excellent product design, their colours and prints are addictive and one of the many things that makes GroVia nappies so attractive!
We’ve compiled all of their colours and prints below, right from the beginning to present day!

grovia edit complete
grovia finished

To shop all things GroVia, check out Fill Your Pants, or contact your local Nappy Guru!

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