Busy week in nappy-land…a round up!

Phew! It has been a busy week for launches, with more to follow in the coming weeks also! Here is a round up of what we have seen this week and what could be to come…


We have seen a series of exciting things from Little Lamb this week, focused around the introduction of their first ever set of prints! First of all they released a whopping 11 prints in both their OSFM nappy and the nappy wraps. These were released through 4 UK retailers: Fill Your Pants, The  Nappy Gurus, The Nappy Lady and Cloth Nappy Shop.

These have proven to divide opinion with some people loving them and others left feeling rather “meh”….


As noted, we found some of these swatches to be unrepresentative of the colours when in product form. You can find actual product images of some of these prints here

Later in the week, we saw yet another print revealed from Little Lamb, this time a Limited Edition print run- Farm has proven to be a big hit!

farmprintAnd THEN…a Limited Edition Valentines print! This one is available in nappy wrap form only, and can be ordered from Little Lamb at just £5! This is also available free for Facebook fans with orders over £40 at Fill Your Pants, while stocks last. There are also 4 to win over on the Nappy Gurus Facebook page!



Next up we saw a re-released print for Valentine’s from Tots Bots of the Cherrylicious print– this is a classic and well known Tots Bots print but has been produced as a limited run in the V4 with selected stockists each having just a handful to offer eager customers. Easy_cherry_crop

It can be said that many fans of Tots Bots were left disappointed about this release, after hoping for something previously unseen. Tots Bots are well known for their mega Limited Edition print launches, but it is fair to say that this one did not quite hit the mark.

There are new and exciting things promised from Tots Bots this year however, so don’t despair just yet!


Finally for the week, last night we saw the mega release of the brand new collection from Baba + Boo. They always do a great job with their collections, and this one has delivered yet again.

babaandboocollectionblogEven the names make us smile: Hippoclothamus, Go Bananas, Zebra Crossing, An Apple a Day, Just Chillin’ and Soldier On…. these just work!

Great job on a great collection Baba + Boo!

You can order yours now from Fill Your Pants or The Nappy Gurus, and matching nappy bags are also available


Stay tuned next week for a release of 4 new prints from Bambino Mio- we have seen these and trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

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