Stash your fluff! Storage and Organisation Ideas!

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With all the latest prints that have recently come out, and our previous blog of how to conceal your fluffy addiction, there’s every reason to be waiting for the postie to arrive!
That’s all well and good, but without looking like you live at Fill Your Pant’s HQ, where do you put them all?!

After a little research we’ve come up with some various tips and ideas…

So before you begin to think about where to keep your fluffy stash, there’s just a few things to consider.


Firstly, where will you be most frequently changing babies bum?
Forward planning and time saving is key when you’re a parent, and being organised is the first step to a stress free lifestyle!
The simplest solution we have found is to keep a day nappy and a night nappy stash, one upstairs and one down. This way no matter where you are in the house, there is always fluff at hand.
This will also depend upon where the location of your changing area will be, make sure everything you need is close by, including storage for wipes, liners and other items such as Balmy Notions.

Next you will need to decide whether to have your fluff hidden or proudly on display...
This brings a mixed view, but it is apparent that most are in favour of showing off their fluff!
Top storage places seem to be bookshelves, perfect for your cloth! Ah well, never mind books! (Like you have time to read with a baby anyway!)
stacey stygles bookshelf DONE

Wall shelves are also a great choice, again allowing your beloved fluff to be the centre of attention in whichever room you may choose!
Both bookcases and shelves are not only excellent for display purposes but also convenient for whoever happens to be passing by to grab a print of choice whilst you’re negotiating a squirmy baby!

Other storage methods that are similar include CD racks, cubed shelves and standalone open units.
Natalie Beresford ps storage

Other nice conventional options are of course, wardrobes, draws and units with pull out boxes. These are neat solutions that keep everything tidy and in place. Draws can also make it easier to separate when organising in categories.

Other options include plastic storage boxes, ottomans, crates and wicker baskets.



It really is down to personal preference, and every parent has their own unique and beautiful ways that are all so often shared on Cloth Nappy Facebook groups and forums for the rest of us to admire!
As long as your system is practical and makes you happy, you can store them wherever you can think, your world is a fluff filled oyster!


Your next task is to decide in what order you are going to organise them.
Again this is down to preference and depends on which system best suits you. The most popular way tends to be organised as fitteds, wraps, pockets, all-in-ones and customs.
As mentioned above the dividing of day and night nappies is also recommended so it is simple and quick whatever time of day it is.
Also for those who have more than one in cloth, separate compartments for each child is key!
Emma Bardon ps organisation

The most exciting part however is planning on what they will look like organised. Themes and colours are the best bit of displaying and organising your fluffy wonders!
From rainbows to pastels and brights, there are many a ways of becoming a creative artist when it comes to organising your stash.
Ideas include, animal themed prints together, solids, ‘best’ nappies, characters and minky.
Another fab tip is to organise bottom up when packing them in crates or boxes – not only does that suppress the inner neat freak in us all, but also makes it easier to select them and not topple the rest of your stash over.

Whichever way you plan to stash and arrange your fluff, the most important thing is that you are making a difference by choosing cloth! The joy you get from them is just an added bonus!

To add to your collection of Fluff visit Fill Your Pants, or find your local Nappy Guru for any fluff related advice!

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