Fluffy Flashbacks Frugi & TotsBots

Fluffy flashbacks

Frugi and TotBots collaborations are notoriously one of the best in the industry when it comes to print design. With beautiful and creative print ideas, it’s hard to pick a favourite…

Owners of Frugi Kurt and Lucy teamed together with TotsBots Fiona and Magnus back in 2012 to make not only a perfect functioning nappy, but a perfect looking one too!
With their limited editions rarely lasting 5 minutes on our website, let alone the excitement and anticipation they create prior to their releases, most fluff lovers find them hard to resist

Each season four new prints are released into the fluffy world and its easy to see with the recent launch, just how popular they are!
It seems all Social Media sites went crazy with pictures, comments and print opinions, showing us that Frugi really do know how to cause a stir in the world of fluff!

Frugi means ‘fruits of the earth’ in Latin, but what Frugi really means to us is a fabulously created, one-off design nappy that will give parents everywhere complete fluff envy!

To celebrate their greatness we have compiled all of their prints from the beginning to the latest launch to refresh your minds of their talents, and for us to all anticipate what could be to come…

Complete grid 1
Complete grid 2
Complete grid 3

 To shop all things Frugi and Totsbots, check out Fill Your Pants, or contact your local Nappy Guru.

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