Night Time Nappy Solutions!



So you have your perfect day time nappy covered, the cute prints, ideal fit and excellent absorbancy (yay!) but what happens when the sun goes down and you have to contend with night time nappying? This is when you release that day time and night time nappies are just not the same…
What you need is a night time nappy solution, and here at Really Pants, we’ve got all the guidance you need below!
Everyone has different nappies to suit them, so taking this into consideration, we have listed our top night time nappies below!


Little Lamb

Little Lamb comes in sizes 1, 2 and 3. They are widely known as being super absorbent and a firm favourite for many when it comes to night time nappies.
All Little Lamb Bamboo nappies come with a fast dry fold-out bamboo booster sewn in place, (except for size 1, which is separate after new parents noted that newborns didn’t always need the extra boosting), they each also come with a separate fleecy liner.
As this is a fully absorbent nappy, this will need to be used with a wrap to provide the waterproof layer.


Totsbots are also equally popular when it comes to fitted nappies, labeled ‘bomb proof’ this nappy boasts all night dryness when an additional booster is used.
TotsBots Stretchies come in sizes 1, 2 and 3, however size 2 can be used as a birth to potty nappy as it fits from 9lb when the adjusted to the smallest setting.
Each Stretchy comes with a Bamboo booster however fleece liners can be added to provide a stay dry layer, and as with the Little Lamb the Totsbots Stretchy needs to be used with a wrap as it has no built in waterproofing.


Prefolds are another popular choice, with excellent absorbancy, you can customise the fit to suit you and your baby. With lots of Youtube videos available, its easy to see just how many ways you can fold them to create the perfect absorbancy and fit for you. One of the best known choices are to tri-fold, also known as pad fold. For use on their own or with an added booster, as the above, a wrap is needed.



Wraps are a necessity when using fitted nappys or prefolds as they provide the essential waterproof layer. There are many wraps (also known as nappy covers!) available but our three most popular are:

Little Lamb Nappy Wrap – Comes in sizes 1, 2 and 3, with a hook and loop fastening.
TotsBots Stretchy Wraps – Comes in sizes 1 and 2, with a hook and loop fastening
Blueberry Coveralls – Newborn or one sized in a range of lovely patterns, with popper fastening.


Grovia ONEThe GroVia O.N.E fits 10lb-35lbs + and is the newest edition to the night time nappy world, and the exception of one nappy that is popular to be used both day and night.
With two boosters included, that are enough on their own to last through the night, this nappy is being dubbed the best for those with wriggly babies. With no additional boosters, liners, or wraps, this is a straight forward easy nappy to use, and with optional closure options, this is one heavy duty construction nappy that is built to last!

BambootyBambooty Easy Nights comes in medium, large or x-large sizes. With a range of excellent qualities in a night time nappy, its another favourite of ours!
The Bambooty Easy Night comes with 4 flaps of absorbency made from heavy duty bamboo/organic cotton, and microfibre making this nappy easy to customise for boys, girls and tummy sleepers.
Not only that but it also features elasticised wriggle guards keeping absorbency flaps in place and giving a double layer of protection from leaks!
*Top tip* Bambooty reccomends upsizing due to the trim fit of these nappies – upsizing will allow for extra space for boosting if required for super heavy wetters over night.

all in two


Close Pop In  nappies are a fantastic all in two nappies style day nappy, and with the addition of the Night Time Boosters, they are a great option to keep your little one dry through the night. The additional 3 night time boosters are extra absorbent bamboo boosters for overnight use. With features such as ‘simply foldable’ and naturally antibacterial, these highly absorbent nappies are favoured by many when it comes to night time use!

boostersBoosters ADD absorbency. These are bamboo, charcoal, microfibre or hemp.
Natural fibres, absorb slower and longer.
Liners ADD a stay dry layer.
These are made of fleece.

 *Top Tip* Ensure that your natural fibres are washed plenty of times, for better absorbency.

So there you have a range of some the of the greatest night time nappies available today!
We know it’s not always straight forward, even when you’ve found the perfect nappy, so for any advice needed, please feel free to contact us at FYP HQ, or find your local Nappy Guru.
Our Facebook Advice Page, is perfect for those times you need varied opinions or a quick answer too!

Happy sleeping to you and your baby. In fact, I think I might take a little nap now, zzzzZZZZZZZZZZZ!

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