Introducing Tickle Tots Nappies, New to FYP! + GIVEAWAY!!!

Tickle Tots

As ever we love to add to our fluffy warehouse with all the latest brands that we know you will adore! Our newest addition to HQ are Tickle Tots! A brand you may be somewhat familiar with if you have heard of Little Fox Clothing before!

Tickle Tots was created after Sophia had her daughter in 2012, wanting to use cloth but unable to find a nappy that suited, she set about researching and creating her own.
The spec was simple, she wanted a birth to potty pocket nappy, that would be reliable, comfortable and easy to use.
After testing out her design on both of her children and throughout a network of mums, Sophia was happy that she had found the perfect nappy!
With her clothing and carrier range already blossoming, it has proved to be an excellent addition to her range!

Tickle Tots Features
Another fabulous feature of Tickle Tots are their strong ethics and quality of work, insuring each nappy is made to the highest of standards in excellent, clean, safe working conditions.
They also offer a fair wage and work regular hours for those who make them.
Although they are made abroad, Tickle Tots are aware that this creates a carbon footprint, and have pledged to plant a native UK tree for every 1000 nappies imported.
Their packaging is minimal too! Each nappy is just simply packed with a ‘belly band’.


Tickle Tots are offering a small but lovely range of prints and colours, perfect to suit everyone, and very on trend with the latest chevron designs!
Including blue whale, aurora, orange chevron, orchid bloom, and teal chevron, as shown below!
Tickle Tots Colours
To be a lucky winner of a Tickle Tots Nappy of your choice, head on over to Facebook now to enter our COMPETITION!!!

If you are not a fluffy winner or if you can’t wait to get your hands on our latest fluff, you can find the full range at Fill Your Pants, or find your local Nappy Guru!

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