EWWR Week 2015 – Super £70 Kit!

EWWRThe European Week for Waste Reduction aims to promote sustainable resource and waste management across the whole of Europe. With the help of public authorities, private companies, civil society as well as citizens themselves, the EWWR uses the three R’s to remind everyone to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle! To celebrate, Fill Your Pants and The Nappy Gurus are offering a brilliant bundle full of reusable goodness! Included is everything you could ever possibly need to start off your fluffy stash, or top up your current one, with some of our best selling brands and of course in super cute prints that you can choose yourself!

So what do the three R’s represent for EWWR?

reduce By using reusable nappies, you are reducing the amount of disposables going to landfill. Whether you are a full time cloth mummy, part time or just use them here and there, it’s still one less going to waste! Reducing the amount you throw away each week makes a difference!
Reuse Reusable nappies gives it away in the name! It’s as simple as using them, washing them, and using them again! The savings on your pocket and our planet don’t just stop there either! Once you have your fluffy stash, they can be used on future children, and if you only have the one? Reuse with the ever growing Pre-Loved market. Not only can you ensure the nappy lives to its full potential before being thrown away, it’s also a fab way of making some extra pennies and spreading the fluffy love!
recycle Once your fluff has reached the end of it’s life span, be sure to send it to a textile bank rather than your rubbish bin, thus recycling it! It can then go on to be used for shredding, respinning or being used for textile fillings etc! A perfect end for a small item that makes such a big difference to our planet and lives!

What is included in the EWWR kit from Fill Your Pants and The Nappy Gurus?
We have put together a fabulous kit as an introduction to cloth for those who are starting out or as a great addition to an existing fluffy stash for only £70! That is a whopping £36.74 savings on the RRP £106.74!
This is a one-time deal created to celebrate EWWR and will be available for one week only from 21st November 2015, to 29th November 2015.
The perfect kit for those with Real Nappies for London Vouchers too! (For more info on this click here!)

70bA closer look at what’s included…

Fuzzibunz One Size – The Fuzzibunz one size adjustable nappy is designed to fit from 10-40lbs ( or 3-36 months approx.) and is a pocket style nappy- which comes complete with a waterproof outer shell, a stay dry lining and an organic hemp/cotton insert which sits snuggly inside the pocket of the shell to provide absorbency. The overall size of the outer Fuzzibunz shell can be adjusted using the clever elastic fittings, providing a huge range of settings for the perfect fit throughout the size range!

Little Lamb One Size – Little Lamb One Size is a pocket nappy, that comes complete with two of their famous bamboo boosters. Designed to fit from 10lbs to 30lbs. With a clever snap configuration, it allows you to alter the size of fit as your baby grows.

Milovia One Size Cover With Medium Insert – To fit 9-35 pounds from birth through to Potty Training, The Milovia Nappy Covers are different to your average Nappy Wrap. It has internal flaps allowing you to use inserts, prefolds or muslins inside the cover. Simply place underneath the flaps which will hold it in place nice and snugly. When the insert is wet, you can simply replace the insert and reuse the cover, providing it is not soiled.
The medium insert features a polyester base, with a top later of microfleece for its stay-dry qualities providing a surprising level of absorbency!

Milovia Wet Bag – The Milovia Wet Bags are designed to store dirty nappies. Made of PUL fabric they protect from wetting things while keeping the smells inside of the bag. They serve very well during trips, walks and everywhere we need to take our cloth nappies! They fit four pocket nappies, or nappy covers, including the inserts. Not only are they popular for their practicality, but for their unique design as well!

Bambino Mio Solo – The Mio Solo is an all-in-one nappy that has been designed for parents who do not want to compromise on quality or performance but still desire the ultimate convenience. It is the simplest of nappies to put on your baby and benefits from Velcro style tabs to ensure a snug fit and maximum adjustability at the waist. The Mio Solo nappy also has adjustable poppers situated on the front rise to allow you to grow the nappy with your baby, from birth through the potty training.
The nappy is made from a stay soft fabric which has a super absorbent microfibre core which includes a unique pull-out tab system, for easy washing and drying and a cleverly designed tuck-in pocket to easily insert the absorbent core back into the nappy. There are no seperate components to this nappy, and with the waterproofing built in the nappy goes on and off in one easy piece.

200 Nappy Liners – These can be used as liners and disposable wipes! When used as nappy liners these 100% bamboo sheets are ultra-soft and gentle when dry.  Made from a soft bamboo fibre, and far superior in texture to a typical paper nappy liner they are also dye, fragrance and chlorine free!
When used as wipes, these ultra-soft and gentle 100% bamboo sheets are great for sensitive skin and can be used dry, with water or your favourite trusted solution. Use these bamboo wipes anywhere (face, nose, hands, etc.) and feel the difference!

Close Parent Wipes – Gorgeously soft, super-absorbent and anti-bacterial bamboo makes these an ideal alternative to disposable wipes. This pack has 10 bamboo cloths in the co-ordinating Pop-in colours, and comes complete with a handy waterproof tote bag for storing the wipes in either before or after use. What sets these wipes apart from others for us is the fact that each pack offers a variety of colours, so if you want to use some for face and hands only, and others strictly for bottoms this makes doing so far easier!

GroVia O.N.E – The O.N.E nappy from GroVia is a true all-in-one nappy that comes with everything you’ll ever need to cloth nappy a baby: enough absorbency to forget boosters and inserts (even overnight), two built-in closure options, and a heavy-duty construction that is built to last.
The O.N.E. features a unique Outlast closure system that gives the user the ability to choose between Hook & Loop and Snap closures, and the ability to buy a replacement kit when your Hook & Loop wears out. O.N.E’s absorbency comes from a hidden body layer PLUS a one-of-a-kind cotton, channeled soaker design that is trim yet absorbent.

Balmy Notions Bum Balm Sample Balmy Notions Bum Balm has been designed for use in conjunction with cloth nappies as a protective barrier and also to help heal mild skin irritations.


To get your hands on one of these amazing kits, head on over to Fill Your Pants, or contact your local Nappy Guru!
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