New TotsBots Basic!

BAsicsWe all have our favourite fluff to save for when the dreaded time comes and your little one out grows their fluffy stage of life. It’s packed away with your beloved sentimental outfit and left for you to reminisce for years to come… There is not one fluffy mum I don’t know who hasn’t done this, with sighs and ahh’s of memories whenever brought up in topic.

Fiona owner of TotsBots is no different, and although her eldest is now getting ready to fly the nest, after recently moving house and discovering her fluffy memorabilia, she took a trip down memory lane…

So what has this got to do with the new release, because it is new, and nothing to do with the past, right? Actually everything, as TotsBots have based their new Basics Bamboo Nappy on the good old original! Yes that cute nappy that started it all was still super fluffy, with working hook and loop and elasticated legs with life left in them after all these years!
This got Fiona thinking, after all there was nothing wrong with the original, other than the fact that they are very basic! After lots of thought and a few tweaks to bring it into 2015, it was time for them to get back to basics!

Today we launch TotsBots Basics Bamboo Nappy, a throwback to TotsBots original bamboo nappies that are simple, fluffy and absorbent. A one size birth to potty bamboo terry nappy with hook and loop fastening. No frills, fuss or fancy prints; just great value!
BasicsSo what makes the nappies different to the TotsBots Bamboozles (aka Stretchies)?
The main difference between Basics and Bamboozle is the fabric. Bamboozles are made with knitted bamboo which is stretchy and the Basics are made with woven bamboo, which is not. It is still as absorbent however doesn’t offer quite the same fit and isn’t as lush. In terms of the other main differences; the Basic uses a different hook and loop, it is just one size, only available in natural colour and it does not come with packaging.

stretchie bamboozles 2

What about comparing the Basics to the Little Lamb Bamboo Nappy?
The TotsBots Basics are available in one size to fit 8-35lbs+, however the Little Lamb Nappy comes in sizes 1, 2, and 3 with the range fitting from 7-35lbs+. Interestingly when compared against each other the Basics fit between size 2 and size 3 Little Lamb when on the larger setting. When shown side by side on each setting, they clearly show a size difference on some of the Little Lamb settings. Although similar in size on the size 1, the basics are bigger than the size 2, and smaller than the size 3. As shown below in our pictures when side by side you can see that the Little Lamb are also slightly trimmer in width compared to the Basics.
Little Lamb also come with an included Bamboo booster and fleecy liner, where as the TotsBots Basics only come with a Bamboo insert.

Size one
size 2
size 3

Each nappy is made from the same materials with the Basics being made of 90% Bamboo and 10% Polyester, and the Little Lamb 90% Bamboo and 10% Microfibre. (Although Polyester and Microfibre are the same material) Each have the 10% Polyester/Microfibre in order to form a mesh base for the Bamboo to be weaved in to. The reason for this is to stop the Bamboo from shrinking as much, with doing this it ensures there is up to 15% less shrinkage and also gives it added durability. We compared two Little Lamb size 1 Nappies to show just how little the shrinkage is.

Interestingly Little Lamb say that the larger percentage of the Mircrofibre is used for the velcro and a Microfibre pad, which is not visible unless we cut the nappy open! This is to separate the bamboo layers allowing the nappy to spin out better for faster drying, not only this but it also gives an extra layer of absorbency!
I think when comparing these two nappies it will simply come down to preference on fit, however when it comes to cost there is no denying that the TotsBots Basics are more cost effective being a One Size Nappy, even after taking in to consideration that you have to buy fleece liners separately.

Shrinkage LL
With reports of people still using the original TotsBots Basics, it’s reassuring that these little fluffy nappies are worth the money and investment! To get yours head on over to Fill Your Pants or find your local Nappy Guru!





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