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Here at Fill Your Pants and The Nappy Gurus, we are always on the look out for fabulous new brands that we think all you fluffy addicts will love! After taking a look over Petit Lulu we fell in love with their unique designs and vast range of brilliant prints

So who are Petit Lulu?
If you have never heard of Petit Lulu before, it’s because they are fairly new to the cloth world, especially over here in the UK.
The company is based in Czech Republic and owned by Lucie, who is a mum to a three year old and expecting her second baby soon! Before going into the world of cloth, Lucie was a psychotherapist, however upon expecting her son she decided to sew her own cloth nappy to try out, all be it Lucie admits she felt it was a small miracle she was able to do so with no previous experience! After sharing her sewing success with other mums, she was soon asked if she could make her nappies for them too, which kick started her fluffy business. After taking on employees to help her after her first year, Petit Lulu grew as a business and today now has a team of 14 members and has just won an award as the second best company in the Czech North Region!

Petit Lulus ethics are to offer their customers nappies from the highest quality European materials with all the safety certifications for children under 3 years old. They pride themselves on differing from other companies by special designs and original look.

Lets take a look over the Petit Lulu range!

The Snap In One Complete (SIO) nappy was reviewed by one of our lovely

Nappy Gurus Hazel-Ann Johnson.

*Hazel-Ann Johnson*

“This nappy is first of all – super duper cute! The pony print we had to trial was really fun and happy. 

There are different soaker pads so absorbency can be highly customised. And they attach with poppers which is great for helping everything stay in place. Putting it on the bum, it’s soft leg cuffs are really nice– sometimes the leg cuffs on nappies have left red marks on my babies, but these are fleece.  My daughter is 5.5 months and we had it on the smallest rise snaps. It’s not the slimmest nappy but it’s certainly not the most bulky.  The Velcro could be more user friendly if one side had a longer length on one of the tab tops. But it goes small enough for us. 
We left the nappy on for 4 hours and it had not compressed or leaked. I was really happy with this & that was with only the large soaker in. The second time we tried it we left it on for 3 hours and then little miss pooped. Unfortunately the poop did escape out the side of one leg & we ended up with a yellow stain on her tights. She has not started solids, so we are still in the bright yellow milk poop explosion days! I feel that this is due to the soft leg cuffs & single gusset. 

Overall we really liked the nappy , and think once we get past the newborn poop days that it will be even better.”

RRP: £16.95

 The Born To Potty Nappy was reviewed by another one of our lovely Gurus Susan Gerrard.
*Susan Gerrard*

These will be referred to as Bamboo Fitteds at FYP and TNG! Available in One Size and Newborn, snaps and hook and loop.

“Thoughts: seems to perform pretty similarly to a bamboozle stretch in terms of absorbency, allowing for the fact that it only got 1 prewash. Containment wise we didn’t have any major events to test it but I think that the frilly edges might interfere a bit with getting a snug fit between nappy and wrap if this was being used with a smaller baby, who was still just being breastfed, especially. I’m not the biggest fan in the world of that type of finish (frills / serged edge) on a fitted. It makes the seams a bit bulkier and harder to get a neat fit with the wrap.

The nappy was pretty slim for a fitted and the print cute – though a bit girly for us! – so it seemed a shame to cover it with a wrap really. We used a Blueberry Coverall over it which seemed fine. Getting the poppers done up was a bit fiddly – I’m used to fitteds being velcro, which compensates for having to do up 2 layers of nappy when fighting a very wriggly 9mo, but I noticed on the packaging that there is a velcro version too which I think I would prefer. When I came to take the nappy off it wasn’t saturated, but the front didn’t look great – the flaps has sort of folded back on themselves either side of the poppers.

I can see people going for these as a cute alternative to Little Lambs/TotsBots Stretchies, and some people who hate velcro would like the poppers option too. We like fitteds a lot and have definitely spent more time using them than any other type of nappy by far as I love how reliable they are – hold loads and bombproof usually!”

Susan also noted that the drying time on this nappy was long, however as it is made from Bamboo we can expect it not to be quick drying, as the Little Lamb and TotsBots Stretchies are the same!

“After testing it out overnight, it worked pretty much the same as our usual bamboozle stretch – just took a bit more wrestling to get the poppers done up than the velcro! I think it was probably a bit more saturated then the TotsBots Stretchy normally is but it held up with the same amount of boosting as usual.”


Also Available in One Size and Extra Large
The Petit Lulu cover comes as hook and loop, which sits perfectly within our cover range available with prints since Blueberry discontinued their Coveralls with hook and loop last year.
With fleece leg cuffs (fleece hem) the same as SIO nappy, it offers a soft comfort on babies legs. With easy to use velcro and a breathable layer of PUL it is certainly one to add to your stash!
RRP: £12.95

Petit Lulu Wipes Pack of 5

Petit Lulu Wipes come in a pack of 5, made from Bamboo and cotton. They are super soft and the perfect hand size. Not to mention the very cute prints!
RRP: £4.95


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