New TotsBots Star, complete with new prints too! **PLUS GIVEAWAY**

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Ok, so we are not going to lie to you. After you have read this post today, you will be amazed, astonished, super excited and short of some money because you will NEED to buy TotsBots latest launch. When we say that it is amazing, you have to believe us, It. Is. Amazing!

There’s a lot to take in, including *squeal* NEW PRINTS, but before we get to that, we simply must tell you about the new TotsBots Easyfit Star.
If you are already an Easyfit fan, then you might as well start deciding how many you can justify buying now, because if you thought the Easyfit V4 was good, the Easyfit Star is a million times more fluff’mazing! As of now it will be replacing the Easyfit V4 so say goodbye to the old and a big HELLO to the new…

Named the star, because it really is a star nappy, TotsBots have decided to move away from naming nappies by numbers, and after reading below, I’m sure you’ll agree that the name Easyfit Star is very fitting indeed! This nappy boasts out of this world performance, and we have to say, we couldn’t agree more!
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So what is new then? At first glance, you will look and think it looks just like an Easyfit V4, and that’s true, as it has kept the same base. From the outside the first change that will jump out at you is the lack of stitching around the legs, so lets start with that.

sStar RP7


As you can see from the photos above, the Easyfit Star now has no stitching around the legs, to ensure there are NO stitch related wicking leaks. The material has been cleverly stitched so that once the nappy is on the baby, it almost turns in, creating a secure and comfortable fit around babies legs, and leaving no insides visible on the outside. This is due to a clever little bit of stitching at the top.
Not only this, but should you ever need to replace your elastic, it can now be conveniently located on the inside of the pocket, making it simple to remove.

The PUL is now thicker than previous TotsBots Nappies to improve the nappy all round, ensuring its tougher and lasts as long as it can!


sStar RP2 sStar RP3
sStar RP5 sStar RP4


When opening the nappy, you can see that there is now a wider front panel, ensuring a better fit on a larger rise, but also preventing the tabs from coming in to contact with babies skin and leaving a gap without being covered by PUL when on the largest rise setting. This not only makes it more comfortable for baby, but also ensures fit is tip top, making it a water proof tummy zone. It also makes it much easier to put on baby.

sStar RP8 sStar RP10


There is also a new ultra absorbent bamboo core. Microfibre is now sandwiched inside two layers of bamboo, which not only has exceptional absorbancy but also makes this nappy the slimmest fitting AIO nappy. There is a clear visible difference between the Easyfit V4 and Easyfit Star when on the bum.
There is also no snap in part to the insert like the previous Easyfit V4 now too!

Saving the BEST new feature to last, we have to tell you about the new no escape buffer. If you are skeptical of magic, then you will be converted to a believer after watching our instagram video of this miracle in action.

sStar RP9


The no escape buffer is now made of a new material that TotsBots have invested a lot of time in. After extensive research they decided to replace it with a hyrdrophobic material, which is not made from natural fibres. This new material simply filters any liquid straight to the bamboo core and is quite mesmerising to watch! It literally runs straight from the buffer onto the bamboo inner, leaving no residue on the buffer at all, meaning even after contact with liquids, this part of the nappy stays COMPLETELY dry. This amazing material is also stain resistant.

So there you have it, not a single thing has been missed by TotsBots, who have ticked all the boxes when it comes to creating an unbeatable nappy.
Slim fitting √
Leak proof √
Easy to use √
Cute designs √
I mean seriously fluff addicts, what more could you want?

Speaking of cute designs, this leads me on to their new print release, which will be available in the new Easyfit Star, and Peenut. We welcome 5 new nursery prints, which will take you right back to your childhood. Based on classic tales, they’re hard not to love, and here at FYP we all have a different favourite, which shows how diverse this print release is, making us sure that there is something to suit everyone.

Billy Goats Gruff rp Elves and the shoemaker rp
Little Red rp Rapunzel rp
Ugly Duckling rp Solids star rp

The new Easyfit Star will also be available to buy in the classic TotsBots solid colours, Cherub, Sugarplum, Poppet, Pumpkin, and Sweetpea and in the Elements range.




To get your hands on your very own, head on over to Fill Your Pants, or find your local Nappy Guru.
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