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We love our nappies here at Fill Your Pants and The Nappy Gurus, but we also love everything and anything natural and eco-friendly to go with them! We are very pleased to announce our latest addition Kokoso Baby, 100% natural and organic coconut oil! Not only is this perfect for keeping babies skin super baby soft, you’ll also find yourself using it for everything. With its many purposes, its a fabulous all round product for the whole family!

So what makes Kokoso Baby different to other coconut oils?
Coconut oil has become an increasingly popular must have for not just parents but anyone who is a fan of the natural wonders of its use.
Kokoso remain different to those others on the market by being one of few coconut oil brands that comes from the first press of the coconuts. Kokoso also don’t use any chemicals or unnecessary heat to make their oil. It is fresh-pressed and wet-pressed, which means the coconut fruit isn’t dried out first like many other varieties of coconut oil can be. If left to dry out, bacteria can fester which means the dried out coconut meat, called copra, needs to be washed with chlorine.
Kokoso RPKokoso Baby coconuts are always pressed within three hours of being opened and are only ever cleaned using purified water.

Perhaps most importantly, part of the cutting-edge, protected process used to make Kokoso Baby was invented by a university professor and creates an oil that is lighter, thinner and less dense than others – so it absorbs beautifully into baby skin.
The mum behind Kokoso also selected this coconut oil because she’s very picky! She rejected countless coconut oils before deciding on this one for all the reasons listed above AND because of its fresh mild coconutty fragrance and smooth creamy texture. Many of the others she tested from around the world had an overpowering, sickly-sweet smell and felt greasy or gritty on her baby’s skin.
Kokoso not only provide you with an amazing product but also with fit-for-purpose, baby-safe, BPA-free, recyclable pots, as opposed to a heavy glass jars which is potentially dangerous around inquisitive little hand!

Last but not least, Kokoso has been dermatologically tested and is proven to be suitable for sensitive skin, mild for skin and kind to skin. In addition, every batch we make is tested to ensure it’s as pure and perfect as can be.
kokoso banner imageWhat does ‘Kokoso’ mean?
Kokoso means coconut in Esperanto, a politically neutral language created to transcend nationality and foster peace and international understanding between people from different countries.
When the creators of Kokoso Baby were choosing a name for their marvellous multipurpose all-natural coconut oil, they thought this was kind of cool!

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So what can it be used for?!
Here are just some of 16 uses that Kokoso can be used for!

1.  An all-natural head-to-toe baby moisturiser.

2.  A soothing, naturally antibacterial nappy cream.

3.  A heavenly baby massage oil, either at a class or to get their snooze on at bedtime.

4.  Keep baby’s skin hydrated during the central heating months.

5.  Protect and nourish baby’s skin in the cold winter chill.

6.  Calm baby’s heat rash during the summer.

7.  Soothe sore snotty noses.

8.  Soothe dribble rash.

9.  On our newborn’s new bottom BEFORE their first sticky meconium poo to help make a bum job a whole lot easier!

10.  Keep baby’s creases and rolls fresh and healthy.

11.  To help combat cradle cap

12.  To help clear up baby acne.

13.  To help soothe chicken pox spots.

14.  To help with dry skin problems including some mild forms of eczema.

15. On our toddler’s scrapes and grazes.

16. Whenever their skin needs some special TLC!

** Top tips on using your Kokoso Baby – To use, simply scoop out a small amount of the solid oil and it will magically melt in your hands. A little goes a long way! – Coconut oil goes runny at temperatures above 24°C so take care when opening your pot on hot days to avoid spills. Store out of direct sunlight. – If it’s your first Kokoso Baby experience, we recommend doing a patch test on a small area of your baby’s skin before you start using it. **

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To be in with the chance on WINNING an Original pot of Kokoso Baby, it’s simple! Just enter below. Don’t forget to tell all your friends about it too!
If you can’t wait and need some coconut goodness in your life now, head on over to Fill Your Pants, or find your local Nappy Guru!

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