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Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew ~ The Solution to Slobbery Babies Everywhere!



Slobber, enough that you think a small lake is emerging from your child’s mouth?… Check.


Chewing on everything and anything they can get their darling little mitts on?… Check.


Rash beard, from the ‘Goatee’ to the full ‘Hollywoodian’?… Check.


Mardiness, anger, screaming, rage, pick me up, no put me down, rahhhhhhh?… Check.


Sleep, what sleep?!… Check.

Safe to say if you’re smiling now, or equally traumatised from memories of such things, then you have already discovered teething and the joys that accompany it.
Fear not though! When that time comes around again, we here at Really Pants have just the item you need! (You can thank us later!)

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Presenting the wonderful Wonderoos!

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Really pants are very pleased to announce the arrival of Wonderoos to the store – the original one size pocket nappy! Fluff lovers everywhere will find it hard to resist the temptation of these charming one size nappies!
Boasting many awards including the Mums Love Award from Babyworld, and a 5 Star Award from The Baby Website! They truly are fluff’mazing!

The Cuddly Minky and Super Soft, Stretchy PUL* Wonderoos were originally the fabulous brain child of a frustrated mother, who had become fed up of pocket nappies only being available in different sizes. However today they are now owned by Earthwise, who have re-designed and made improvements to reflect the needs of the modern day cloth parents, such as your lovely selves!
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What do you know Wednesday?! Test your Milovia Fluffy knowledge


The weather outside is dull, rainy and the winter is most definitely upon us… So here at really pants we have decided to inject some fun into your gloomy days!
Every Wednesday up to Christmas we will be conducting ‘What do you know Wednesdays?!!’ A chance to test yourself to see just how much fluff you really have on your brain!
Just check out our Blog (so easy, you’re already here!), our Facebook page, our Twitter account or Instagram to join in!

Simply type in your full name at the beginning of the quiz, so we can see who has the highest scores each time, and share your score on either Facebook or Twitter!
You will then be in for a chance of winning a fluff’mazing prize at Christmas!
We promise not to make them too hard, but for clues and answers please visit the Fill Your Pants website and search for the items included in the quiz (shhhhh we didn’t tell you that!)

Best of luck!

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Milestone Baby Cards. The perfect present idea, so good you’ll want one yourself!

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Aside from fabulous nappies, here at FYP & FYN we also stock various other items relating to your precious little ones.
Our office favourite this month is the beautifully illustrated Milestone Baby Cards.
A fabulous concept created to record your babies precious developmental life moments, with a range of brightly coloured cards making it easy, creative, and fun to remember for all those important dates.
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