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Tots Bots & Frugi, A beautiful love story <3

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‘Once upon a time TotsBots met Frugi and fell in love. They created the most beautiful offspring and lived happily ever after…’
Separately Frugi and TotsBots are fabulous companies, consistently lighting up our life’s with beautiful dynamic design ideas. So imagine our joy when they decided to group together to create One Size Frugi and TotsBots super soft reusable nappies!
Each design is as unique as the next, including the highly anticipated special ‘limited editions’ that never last more than two minutes on our website!
So what is so fab about these nappies? Read on to find out…

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CJ’s BUTTer – Miracle in a pot!

CJ’s BUTTer has been making big waves in its native USA, and now in the UK it has already made quite the impression! CJ’s was formed when CJ herself decided that her family needed an all natural, inexpensive alternative to creams found on the high-street, and so the BUTTer was born. Since then, a host of other wonderous products have been added to the range including Lotion, Spritz and the delightfully named Carcass Cleaner! Here is a little introduction to the individual products and what they work wonders on….
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Real Nappy Week 2011!

Real Nappy Week 2011 is upon us, and there are stacks of special offers for you this year! Including 20% off BumGenius, Flip, Smartipants, Itti Bitti and GEN-Y, and 5 for 4 on Tots Bots Easyfit AIO’s!

Remember this years ‘Share the Secret’ campaign headed by Go Real too- there are 100’s of nappies being given away to help convert current disposable nappy users, so if you know someone who you think would love cloth if they gave it a try, send them that way!

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