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Real Nappy Event- Loughborough

The Baby Fair at the Loughborough Town Hall was a great success! We had a blast meeting all the other vendors, and was a fabulous opportunity for us to launch Fill-Your-Pants in style! The exhibitor turn out was fantastic, including Nappy Central, Just Fairtrade, Natures Purest and the Charnwood Real Nappy Project- we can all be seen again on Sunday 30th March at Brockshill Visitor Centre in Oadby, Leicester-hope to see you there!

Baby Fair Nappy stand

Fluffy Bum of the Week!

Each week a cloth wearing babe is selected from those submitted to the photos page on www.fill-your-pants.com as the ‘Fluffy Bum of the Week’!

 This week we have Arianne sporting a Cream Swaddlebees wool wrap over a Little Ewe Terry Square . Very cute indeed!

babies nappies- swaddlebees wool wrap

To submit a photo Contact Us ! (Only childs first names are ever used, and please note that we can not be held responsible for any third party lifting or doctoring images from our sites)

Fill-Your-Pants.com Goes Live!

We wish to celebrate with you all, the launch of our new baby, Fill Your Pants.com!

With the launch of the eco-baby store on 21st March 2008, its time to realise the fun that can be had in being ‘green’!

Fill-Your-Pants.com is the latest in eco-friendly baby stores and with headlines such as ‘More Pant Fill, Less Land-Fill’, who could resist its charms!

Fill Your Pants are specialists in the most convenient re-usable cloth nappies, and not only do we stock a huge variety of fun and funky washable nappies, we also offer a free personalised advice service to help anyone find the items that will fit easily into their lifestyle.

There are many, user-friendly, articles and advice pages on the site- including one designed to help you suss out exactly what you would need to purchase in order to ‘Go Cloth’ – very handy, but also very lighthearted!

That is the general theme of the whole site, to take away any pretence and boredom in making greener choices, and to realise the fun that can be had in even the simplest of things!

Besides cloth nappies, Fill-Your-Pants also stock a large range of Organic Baby Products including the brands Green People and Cottons and also some fab, fun baby clothing including the Little Green Radicals range!

So drop by, and Fill Your Pants!

Real Nappy Week

How wonderful our buses look in Leicestershire right now- drive behind one and you will see a huge image of a beautiful baby sporting a fluffy cloth nappy- well done to the Leicester City Council, it doesn’t get much better than that. The reason for these prominent ads is because Real Nappy Week is edging closer (21-27th April, 2008), and never is ther a better time to make that change to the greener choice, or to celebrate the yummy fluffy cloth nappies already on your babies bum! Get some extra special new ones, show them off, tell a friend, hold an event- whatever you fancy really!

In the lead up to the event, we will be holding stalls at the Baby Fairs on the 27th March at Loughborough Town Hall and on March 30th at Brockshill Environmental Centre in Oadby. Pop by and browse a range of stalls providing information and natural baby shopping, including competitions and free nappy trial opportunities! Fill-Your-Pants.com will be providing Mother-ease Nappies, Thirsties Wraps , Blueberry Diapers, Bambinex nappies, Babylegs, Nappy accessories, Cottons baby products, Green People baby products, and Hug organic baby clothing.

 Also, enter our FREE prize draw to win £50 worth of Nappies- including 12 Zorbit Muslin Cloths, 4 Bambinex Bamboo Nappies and 3 Nappi Nippas!

Dates and Times:

Thursday 27th March- Loughborough Town Hall – 10am-4pm

Sunday 30th March- Brocks Hill Visitor Centre, Oadby – 10.30am-3.30pm

Hope to see you there! :)

The Lo-Down on Cloth Nappies

The Lo-down on Cloth Nappies……

‘What happened to the Terry squares and pins?!’ we hear you cry, ‘What on earth are these All-In-Ones, Pocket, and Birth to Potty fandangles?!’ – Well have no fear, once you’ve got your head around all the wonderful choice that is now available to you, you can have real fun when it comes to choosing what goes on your little’uns bum!

Traditional Terry Nappies

If the traditional Terry square is your bag, it’s hard to go wrong with this trusted favourite. Get yourself 15-25 flat nappies and a couple of Nappy covers to keep things waterproof. You can opt for the traditional pin fastenings, or go for the funkier option of Nappi Nippas.

Fitted Nappies- No Folding Required!

Want a two-part system of a nappy and cover but without the folding? Then Fitted Nappies are the thing for you. The same concept as a flat, but shaped so there is absolutely no need for folding. Fasten the nappy round the bottom, and wrap a Nappy Cover over the top to make it waterproof.

The Perfect Pocket Nappy

Want the latest in Nappy design? Welcome to the world of the Pocket Nappy! A nappy with which you are in total control of the absorbency, as you stuff them with inserts- the more you stuff (within reason!) the longer it’ll last. That makes these great for night-time use.

One-Size Nappies

Want an economical option, but something a bit more exciting than flats? Try the Birth to Potty option. As the name suggests, with a clever design, these nappies will fit your little one right through their ‘nappy stage’. So there’s no need to buy new nappies as your baby grows, saving even more money!

Want an easy-wee-zy Nappy?

A family on the go? Want an easy to use, super convenient option? Then All-in-Ones are the nappy for you! A single piece system that works in the same way as a disposable nappy, but instead of sending it to the land-fill when you are done, you wash and re-use it instead! Fab!

They are simple when you know what you are looking for, and collecting a nappy ‘stash’ is plenty of womens full-time hobby! Mum’s take great pride in their zebra print wraps, or custom embroidered AIO’s, or even their matching themed nappy and vest set! Nappies can be a clothing accessory all of their own, and many a mum is proud to have their babes sporting cloth nappies for all the world to see! So now you know the basics, get involved and see what fun you can have! You might just surprise yourself .