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CJ’s BUTTer – Miracle in a pot!

CJ’s BUTTer has been making big waves in its native USA, and now in the UK it has already made quite the impression! CJ’s was formed when CJ herself decided that her family needed an all natural, inexpensive alternative to creams found on the high-street, and so the BUTTer was born. Since then, a host of other wonderous products have been added to the range including Lotion, Spritz and the delightfully named Carcass Cleaner! Here is a little introduction to the individual products and what they work wonders on….
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How ethical are your nappies?

A large deciding factor when it comes to using real nappies is that they are less harmful to the environment than their disposable counterparts, not to mention they countless pounds they will save you in the long run. But do we lose sight of the ethical practicalities when it comes to choosing our nappies?

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Avoiding Animal Testing- Baby Products

As society and families develop a greater concern for our environment, and those we share it with, many are sourcing animal friendly products when it comes to shopping for themselves, and for their babies.
As earth-conscious parents it is our duty to support only those companies who maintain reasonable ethical standards, and we can help you to do that.

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