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My new nappies have arrived!!!

My new nappies have arrived and by are they gorgeous!!!  It was a bit of a challenge getting them, with both myself and my elderly neighbours missing the post man (not our usual I might add who would have found somewhere to leave them!).  Read on….

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New Blueberry Designs

We have expanded our range of the fabulously sumptous Blueberry One-Size Pocket Nappies making a total of 12 of the most gorgeous designs available in the store at £17.99 each. The new additions are:

blueberry nappies  blueberry nappies

                  Fire Opal                                        Sapphire

blueberry nappies    blueberry nappies

             Pink Camo                       Pink Dots on Chocolate

cow print nappy  cow babylegs

                Cow Print …                …Erm, Cute with these much?!