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Featuring Boob Baby!

BoobBaby is a new website providing breastfeeding supplies, the website also includes a ‘Breastfeeding Zone’ which has lots of breastfeeding information and top tips. BoobBaby was established in October 2010 by myself Sarah and my husband Ryan, after my experience of trying to establish breastfeeding with my son Oliver.

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My Quote of the Day…

Joanna Moorhead wrote an article in the Guardian today after the new ‘research’ was published suggesting that mothers who exclusively breastfeed their infants for six months are increasing their childs risk of allergies and iron deficiencies…*rolls eyes* Upon reading her article, one statement in particular had me punching the air in agreement…
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Breast feed – Be a star

Since the advent of commercial formula, in 1912, breastfeeding began it’s slow decline and by the early 1970s over 75% of babies were fed on formula. It was around this time that the “knowledge gap” in breastfeeding truly began. Providing access to the experiences of others is where the www.beastar.org.uk campaign really triumphs, it bridges the 4 decade long knowledge gap and charges us with the responsibility of being the women that our future offspring can rely on for breastfeeding advice.

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Breast-Feeding After Surgery

After reading Leanne’s fantastic post about Milk donation, it got me thinking about my own experiences with breast-feeding and so thought I would follow it up by putting fingers to the keyboard…

During pregnancy I knew that I wanted to breast-feed my baby, but I also knew that having had breast-surgery five years previously, that I may find this more difficult than most. Read on…

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