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Important BumGenius Information!

Ladies, I have some news about the BumGenius range….

Manufacture has ceased of the Zinnia, Ribbit, Moonbeam and Clementine colour ranges I am very sorry to say! As such stocks in the UK are now firmly restricted- what is here is possibly all there ever will be, unless they are phased back in at any point!

So if you had been planning on treating yourself to some of the BumGenius brights, now is most certainly the time to do so! Fortunately we do have plenty of stocks in of all of the colours, however we predict that they will only last for another week, maybe two. So just a little heads up!

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Try BumGenius for Free!

Mums-to-be can now try bumGenius, FREE!

In a bid to convert even more mums to the wonderful world of bumGenius, Babame, the European distributors of BumGenius, have come up with a really clever idea to help you jump aboard the cloth nappy bandwagon. Its a good one!….

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Flip Nappies- FAQ

The Flip is the brand new addition to the Cotton Babies range (the makers of bumGenius) and provides a simple solution for new parents looking to venture into cloth nappy land!

The concept is simple, an absorbent pad which lies inside an outer washable cover. The nappy is one-size, so is designed to fit from 8-35lbs approx, and when the nappy is wet or soiled the insert/pad can simply be replaced without the whole nappy being washed each time. Here we answer some of the many questions which have arisen since the Flip launch here in the UK. Read on…

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