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bumGenius Special Offer- Gone Crazy!

Wow, we knew the take up on the bumGenius ‘Buy 6 get 1 Free’ would be huge, but it has surpassed even our expectations! People sure do love the bumGenius! đŸ˜€

As a result however, stocks are now running low and we are awaiting a big delivery to replenish these. Any orders which have not yet been fulfilled will likely be dispatched on Monday.

This offer will remain in place for another couple of weeks, but it wont be around forever guys, so make the most of it while you can!


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The drying challenge….

This weather is awful, particularly if you are adverse to a tumble dryer like myself….. Intermittent rain, house comfortably warm, so no heating needed – difficult to get those nappies dry to say the least!  Even more so when you live on the North East Coast and the weather is usually worse than every where else! Read on…

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Nappy Reviews: bumGenius v4.0

The bumGenius One-Size is one of the top selling nappies in the UK- its neat design, ease of use, reliability and functionality appeals to a wide range of parents, and in many ways this nappy bridges the gap between disposables and reusables. I must admit, when I first got my hands on one of these I remember doing a little skip around the house and gushing to my husband about all its little features, it really is a great little nappy!

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